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  1. Jennifer says
    90 rating
    Overall, the massage was pleasant, relaxing and loosen up my tight 'knots'. Was offered ginger tea before massage, and again plus sweet dessert after massage. The whole process took 75mins as indicated, however they mistook Spa as a mag promo, which is obviously wrong. The Oxy Fire treatment is very interesting, however has to be practised with caution. Not to worry, as their staff is very professional/experienced in this.
  2. Christine says
    98 rating
    it was soothing and the masseuse was informative. the ambience was nice and relaxing. however do take note that its only a 45mins process instead of 75mins as advertise.
  3. Risna says
    82 rating
    The Oxy fire treatment was definitely a must try! Super comfortable as it warms your stomach with real fire burning! Suppose to expel "wind" from your stomach
  4. Chantelle says
    70 rating
    Despite the pain when the masseuse was smoothing the "knots" in my arms, I actually fell asleep during the treatment.
  5. Heidi says
    80 rating
    Had a Tui Na body massage recently. It was wonderful but very painful too. She focused on my shoulders and upper body as I told her that areas were very tense. Slept so well that night after the massage.