Where to Find the Best Spas in Singapore

With the numerous spas popping up like mushrooms, Singapore could easily be dubbed as a ‘spa country’.  There are so many spas offering varied specialties scattered like stardust all over the island.  For foreigners, the abundance of spas is also a treat.

There are some spas in Singapore that primarily offer health treatments and therapies.  These spas aim not only to rejuvenate the senses but to offer holistic body revitalization as well.  There are some spas that specialize on the face.  They offer the best treatments and products to produce a fairer, brighter, younger or less sensitive skin – whatever your preference may be.

There are also a handful of slimming spas in Singapore that offer a variety of treatments:  machine-operated or massage based.  And finally, Singapore also boasts of massage spas that provide a splendid and re-energizing experience for the mind and body.

We have compiled ten of the most highly recommended spas in Singapore.

  1. Body Perfect and Skin Perfect.  Body Perfect has a lot of branches and their treatments are highly specialized.   They offer affordable treatments for the body (slimming and toning) and for the face (brightening, lifting and firming).
  2. Indulgence Beauty Spa. Indulgence Beauty may be new in the facial spa scene in Singapore.  Yet, they have already become a trusted name when it comes to highly reliable facial services.
  3. UCARA Natural Herbal Healing Spa. This face and body spa boasts of using all natural ingredients to rejuvenate the senses.  Expect not only great service but unique, hypoallergenic products as well.
  4. Clariancy Aesthetic Clinic.  Clariancy may be a new player in the Singapore spa market, but it surely has gained a strong fan base among Singapore’s higher echelons in a matter of months.  They offer unique treatments that are so addictive to the skin.
  5. Secret Sensations. Nothing beats Secret Sensations’ highly personalized service and uber-comfy ambience.