How To Choose A Facial Salon?

Facial salons are everywhere.  They sprout like mushrooms, dotting almost every corner making it a bit of a challenge to choose the best one.  While a friend’s recommendation can help you narrow down your options or even help you step into the right facial salon, sometimes you are left with no option but to try a certain salon (with fingers crossed), hoping you’ll come out happy and satisfied.  After all, experience still is the best teacher. 


What are the things to look into when choosing a facial salon?  Consider the following:


 Cleanliness is next to godliness.  You’ve certainly heard of this ancient proverb for maybe a thousand times now, but this surely isn’t just another line on your proverbs collection.  Hygiene is a major thing to consider when looking for a facial salon.  Check the surrounding area if it’s favourable for such kind of establishment.  More importantly, make sure that this certain facial salon adheres to the sanitary regulations set by the ministry of health.  The cleanliness of the equipment used in a facial salon is as important as the treatment itself.  By all means, see to it that all facial instruments are properly cleaned before and after use.  Moreover, you have to be certain on how the therapists in a certain facial salon uphold cleanliness.  Are they following strict sanitary measures? Do they change their gloves with every patient? Do they wash their hands before touching your face or any facial instrument? Do they wear clean scrub suits? Is the area itself clean?   


Quality Products.   Most facial salons are exclusive distributors of certain skin care products.  Usually these products are tested and proven to be effective in detoxifying and purifying your skin.  However, some facial salons produce their own products.  Shy away from cheap and synthetically-produced products as generally they do not pass through quality control standards, therefore, more likely to do damage to your skin.  


Skin Consultation.   A decent facial salon should offer this service prior to any treatment.  This is the part where you learn and understand your skin condition.  The therapist should be able to tell you your skin type and assess the needs of your skin.  Recommendations for what type of products to use are based from the results of the consultation. 


Trained and professional staff. A good facial salon should invest in training their therapists/aestheticians.  No matter how good a certain treatment sounds like or how good the products used, they’re only as good as the hands that use them.  Trained and professional therapists attend to your concerns with credibility.  A qualified workforce is a great asset of a facial salon to guarantee the clients with the best results by taking into consideration the essential needs of your skin.      


The price is right.  Let’s face it, we all want quality result that doesn’t compromise our budget.  And so it goes that quantity doesn’t always mean quality or vice-versa.  When choosing a facial salon, see to it that their services are reasonably priced.  If you could get a very nice treatment for a very affordable price, then great! However,   you must also consider the kind and quality of products being used.  Sometimes, it’s also better to go for a more expensive treatment that assures great results than go for a low-priced treatment only to be disappointed with the outcome.    


Customer Feedbacks.  Find out about a facial salon you have in mind by asking other people who have been there.  You can get different feedbacks from them, for sure, and that should help you decide whether it’s worth your dough or not.  Weigh all the pros and cons.