Why Singaporeans Love a Day Spa

Have you ever been to a day spa?  A lot of people do not know what to expect from a day spa.  A day spa is actually similar to a beauty salon.  It offers massages, facials and every other aesthetic treatment you can imagine.  It is different from that of a destination spa where people stay for a few days to get complete pampering.

There are actually a lot of day spas in Singapore that divert from the traditional facial and massage combo offered.  To date, there are unique treatments such as Intense Pulse Light or IPL, waxing, cold IPL, microneedle rejuvenation system, dermabrasion and specialized massages.  There are also quite a few day spas that offer nail services, including paraffin treatments, manicure and pedicure.

So why are day spas very popular in Singapore, a lot of you may wonder?  Day spas are very popular in Singapore as these are the places where men and women go to relax and unwind after a long stressful day at work.  Some housewives and mothers find the aroma and ambience of a day spa to be so comforting after spending their week caring for their husbands and children.

In a place as hectic and fast paced and Singapore, it is not surprising that people find means to alleviate their stress.  Some prefer to go to sports centres and sweat their worries away.  Others prefer to go to bars and pubs.  Others meanwhile find consolation in the solace of a wonderfully decorated and exceptionally quiet day spa.

If you do not know what day spa to go to in Singapore, it would be better to read reviews and compare information of spas near you.  There are a few comparison sites such as iCompare which allow you to compare, choose and book the best day spa with the best treatments.