Facial Treatments: Which is which?

Whether you’re in a high-end facial salon or an economical one, the big question is still there: with the wide array of facial treatments offered by salons, which is the right one for you?


A facial treatment, which comes second to massage as the most widely sought spa services, is a deep-cleansing treatment of the face and neck to help tone, exfoliate, and nourish the skin to make it healthy and glowing. 


Choosing the right facial treatment can be a little daunting especially for first-timers.  The moment you entre into a facial salon, you will be wowed with a spa menu that’s filled with various facial treatments available.  And sure, they all sound nice, which makes it even more difficult to decide which one is which.  Facial treatments may come with special names depending on the salon, but oftentimes, some of them mean the same thing and follow the basics – cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extraction of blackhead and/or whiteheads (although this step is optional), facial massage, mask application, and toner/moisturiser application.  Facial treatments vary on their prices, the products used, and the different add-ons that each salon offers to make the facial treatment more personalised and unique.  


So, how to choose the right facial treatment?


Although all facial treatments sound so promising, no single treatment guarantees the same results to everybody.  What may work for some do not necessarily mean would work for you. 


SKIN TYPE. Right before you plunge into that facial bed and surrender your skin’s fate to the hands of the therapist, make sure that you have your skin analysed.  Prior to any facial treatment, it is highly important that you get a consultation with a certified and professional aesthetician or facial therapist to discuss your present skin concerns, condition, and your daily skin care regimen.  You will also learn the type of skin you have – dry, oily, sensitive, normal, and combination.  In this way, you can save yourself from avoidable damage of skin treatment not suitable for your skin type.  Bear in mind that different skin types require specific care or facial treatment like for example, an acne-prone skin should avoid facial scrub as it will only cause adverse reactions to the skin and tear skin tissue making your skin more bacteria-prone.  


SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.  Alright, it’s never easy to pick what works best when everything is potentially good.  A couple of things to consider – your skin needs and skin type. 


When getting a facial treatment, make sure that you know what products they’re using.  For whatever it takes, take time to get-to-know the products before they even touch your skin.  Do you want to reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkle on your face?  Do you want to take years off on your looks?  Is your skin dry and needs extra hydrating?  Are you sensitive to certain ingredients?  Whatever you choose, just make sure that they address what your skin needs and not just for the sake of using a certain product because Hollywood stars use it.


It’s always better to go for skin care products that are made from natural, pure ingredients than those that are chemically-manufactured.  Take time to research and choose products that are gentle to the skin. 


TREATMENT PRICE.  Usually this is the major make-or-break factor that helps people decide on what facial treatment to choose.  You could always go for a facial treatment that costs you a pretty penny, but, of course, depends on your budget.  For one thing, while some facial treatments follow the same procedures but go by different names, they may vary in prices subject to the quality of products use, the kind of cream or essential oils, the salon/spa itself, and the special add-ons like paraffin eye treatment, facial steam or maybe an extra mask application.