Smile Makers Dental Clinic

Smile Makers Dental Clinic

#09-26 Novena Medical Center, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore 307506
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About The Clinic

Smile Makers Dental Clinic

The minute your step into Smile Makers, you will be struck by the fact that their walls are decorated with the smiles of their own patients! There is plenty to smile about because Smile Makers' strong emphasis on patient education helps you to achieve a beautiful smile and keep your smile for a lifetime.

Here are more reasons why You should choose Smile Makers:

  • Easy Appointments: The clinic is generally open 6 days a week. Smile Makers work by appointments so that You don't waste time waiting and you have ample time for your treatment.
  • Quality: Smile Makers has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 for their Quality Management System – one of the few dental clinics to receive it. This certification is an assurance to you that quality is delivered, consistently.
  • Experience: Their dentist, Dr. Asha, has more than 20 years' experience. Multiple generations within families have placed their trust in the services of Smile Makers.

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Know The Doctor

Dr. Asha K. Karan
Dr. Asha K. Karan

Dr. Asha K. Karan, has been practising dentistry for more than 20 years. She graduated from the National University of Singapore, and holds a Diploma in General Dental Practice from the Royal College of Surgeons, UK. Continuing professional education is an integral part of her dental practice.

She set up Smile Makers to change people's attitude to dental care and educate them on the wonderful ways that modern dentistry can improve their lives.

Her strong belief in health education led her to be President of the Singapore Dental Health Foundation - an organisation dedicated to public education and health promotion. She led this organization for 13 years.

Her other professional achievements include holding several positions in the Singapore Dental Association. Indeed her many contributions to the dental profession earned her a place in the Singapore Dental Association's Roll of Honour.

Dr. Asha is also an experienced public speaker, known for her entertaining and authoritative style, she has delivered health education talks to community and corporate organisations.

When asked what she found most satisfying about her work, Dr. Asha replied, "The smiles my patients give me." No wonder this "Smile Maker" has decorated her clinic and her website with the smiles of her patients.

Dr. Wai Leng Phoon
Dr. Phoon Wai Leng

Dr. Phoon Wai Leng graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Bachelor of Dental Science. She is fluent in Mandarin and conversational Cantonese.

This Singaporean worked as a dentist in both private and government clinics in Queensland and Victoria, Australia. This gave her experience in all aspects of general dentistry and opportunities to serve people of diverse cultures.

A dentist with a cheerful disposition, Dr. Phoon particularly enjoys working with children. She knows the importance of a positive experience in giving children a head start in dental care. One of her most valuable experiences was serving as a dental officer in a school for special needs children. She learnt much about managing young patients with mental disabilities.

Dr. Phoon takes pride in providing meticulous care specifically tailored to her patients' needs.

After 11 years away, she returned to Singapore to build her own professional practice. She chose Smile Makers because the clinic's philosophy of warm, personal attention and health promotion resonated with her own.

Services Available

Smile Makers provide Dental Care for the Whole Family.

  • Dental Checks for Pregnant Mums
  • Kids' Introductory Visits
  • Braces for Kids and Adults
  • Invisalign – the invisible way to straight teeth
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Replacement of Lost Teeth
  • Full Porcelain Crowns and Veneers
  • Smile Maintenance Programme

Dental Checks for Pregnant Mums

Contrary to old wives' tales, it is good practice to have dental check-ups during your pregnancy so that your mouth remains clean and healthy – ensuring a smooth pregnancy and healthy baby. Remember your oral health affects your baby!

Kids' Introductory Visits

Introducing your child to the dentist before painful problems occur is essential to inculcate a happy attitude to dentists. Smile Makers encourages parents to bring their kids for a simple check and to get useful information on dental care for your child.

Braces for Kids and Adults

As part of their patient-centered management, Smile Makers will provide a written evaluation & treatment plan to help you make the right decision about straightening teeth. Only after your written consent, would treatment begin.

Invisalign – the invisible way to straight teeth

A beautiful smile with straight teeth lights up a face and immediately makes that face attractive. Many adults may have missed out on the opportunity to straighten teeth when they were kids. Now, with Invisalign, busy working adults can have the possibility of improving their smiles without metals or wires.

Teeth Whitening

If you think your smile is dull and unattractive, consider improving the brightness of your smile.

Replacement of Lost Teeth

There are several methods of replacing lost teeth. Smile Makers will discuss all your options e.g. implants, bridges or dentures so that you can choose what is right for you.

Full Porcelain Crowns and Veneers

If you are considering a makeover, ask Smile Makers about what may be possible for you.

Smile Maintenance Programme

Keeping your smile healthy and attractive requires regular maintenance. At Smile Makers you will learn the right techniques to keep your teeth & gums clean and healthy – and maintain them that way with:

  • Scaling and polishing
  • Periodontal treatment

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