1. How to Stop Falling Hair

    How to Stop Falling HairA friend of mine often complains about her excessive hair fall. Another friend often consoles her that having hair fall is quite normal and that you should not worry too much over it. However, she argued that her hair fall is really excessive and it is not a laughing matter. Days later, she took a picture of her bathroom drain and showed it to us. She said that that was just one day’s worth of hair fall. At that moment, my thoughts could be summed up in one word: alarming.

  2. How to Care for Rebonded Hair

    How to Care for Rebonded HairHair Rebonding has become quite a common phenomenon in Singapore and all over Asia. Many rush to the salons wanting to get smoother and straighter hair without really clearly going over the pros and cons of such treatment.

  3. Caring for Your Curly Hair

    Caring for Your Curly HairCurly hair is notorious for being difficult to maintain. It is even more difficult to maintain curly hair with frizz. That is why a lot of women with curly hair go to the salon for their annual rebonding and straightening process. While others prefer to stay at home and use their hair straightening iron.

  4. The Right Hair Care for Dandruff

    The Right Hair Care for DandruffDandruff is the excessive shedding of the dead skin cells along our scalp. A lot of people have dandruff problems but not a lot of them know how to handle it. Dandruff is an irritating, sometimes recurring problem. Oftentimes, people with dandruff are mistaken for being unhygienic or do not have a good hair care routine.

  5. Hair Loss Solutions for Women

    Hair Loss Solutions for WomenThere are quite a number of women who suffer from female pattern hair loss. This type of hair loss actually occurs when hair falls out of their heads and no new hair grows in its place. Oftentimes, it is due to aging or changes in the levels of androgen (male hormones).

  6. Basic Hair Care for Healthier Hair

    Basic Hair Care for Healthier HairMany of us have heard the saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". If we ourselves are the beholder, often times we end up being our worst critic. We always love to find flaws about ourselves. The most popular flaw area we find is our hair. Many of us dislike our hair saying that it is too dry, too oily, too unruly too frizzy or too straight.

  7. Be Wary of Miracle Hair Treatments

    Be Wary of Miracle Hair TreatmentsThere have been many advances in surgical and microsurgical technique over the past 50 years that have made the surgical hair treatment of balding or hair loss a possibility for millions of people all over the world. These great leaps in understanding of the biochemistry and physiology of hair growth and hair loss make medical treatment of hair loss a scientifically documented reality for the first time in history.

  8. Stop Hair Loss

    Stop Hair LossWith the normal human hair shedding and growth cycle, hair falls about three to four months and a new hair grows in its place. However, some people have noticed a considerable hair loss which can be shown by an alarming quantity of hair fall. Hair loss through undue hair fall is caused by hormones that cause hair loss.

  9. Finding the Right Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

    Finding the Right Hairstyle for Your Face ShapeYou need to find the right hairstyle for your face shape. If it happens that the wrong hairstyle is created for the wrong face shape, then the result would be awful. Truth is, hairstyles are about face shape and geometry.

  10. How to Find the Right Hair Salon

    How to Find the Right Hair SalonIf you are unhappy with the existing results of your hair salon, then you better go find yourself a better hair salon. If you are stuck in a rut and not happy with the results you have been getting, then it is time to switch. But how do you know how to find a good hair salon?

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