Some Hair Care Facts

Myths about hair care abound.  There are those who claim not to sleep while hair is wet, or those who say that cutting one’s hair makes it grow faster.  Here are some hair care truths which every person should know. 

First of all, preventive maintenance is the key to hair care.  We need to cultivate a healthy environment below the surface of the scalp.  This can be done by consuming a good balance of easily digested protein such as dairy products, poultry and meat.  You can also go for nuts, beans and peanut butter.  These types of foods are essential as hair in its basic form is 100% keratin or protein. 

To ensure that these quality proteins gets to the living roots of our hair, we need to stimulate quality muscle growth by simply massaging your scalp, once a day, while you shampoo and condition your hair.  This will stimulate protein supplying blood to feed the roots of your hair.  However, you should not use your fingernails as it will cause abrasions which might lead to infection.

Second, any product we apply or any hair care treatment we do is a temporary fix.  Hair above the surface of the scalp is dead matter.  There are a few hair care products that work for longer periods between uses, while there are others that need to be used every day.  Shampoo is not a hair care product meant to fix hair problems.  Shampoos are meant to clean hair of sebum, sweat and pollutants.  That is its sole purpose. 

People also have this misconception that daily conditioning is not a good hair care step as it will cause flatness.  That would depend on the type of conditioner you are using.  There are actually 3 types of conditioners: rinses, daily and deep conditioners.  To avoid flatness, go for daily conditioners and sporadically use deep conditioners.