Some Facts About Keratin Hair Treatment

In Asia, most women strive for long, dark, straight hair.  Thus, they go for all sorts of hair treatment to straighten their tresses.  Some of the most popular hair treatments for straighter hair include hair rebonding, hair relaxing and miracle straightening hair treatment, also called keratin hair treatment.  This keratin hair treatment is popular for removing hair frizzes.  It is considered a natural method as no harsh chemicals are used in this hair treatment.

Keratin, a natural protein found in hair, teeth and nails, adds soft silky texture and sheen to the hair.  For frizzy hair, natural keratin is added in to smoothen the texture of hair.  Keratin hair treatment is all about replenishing the keratin content in the hair.  The keratin used is obtained from animal sources or other natural sources. This treatment involves adding keratin to the hair and then followed by hot ironing.  This hair straightening technique is important so as to cover each cuticle with keratin.  Then the keratin is rinsed off and voila, straighter hair.

However, it has been discovered the keratin hair treatment can potentially cause cancer.  Almost all keratin hair treatment products actually contains formaldehyde, which is a carcinogenic substance.  Formaldehyde could be inhaled or absorbed in the skin.  It has a very high potential of inducing cancer.

Keratin hair treatment could also cause hair loss.  After the first wash itself, hair could fall from its root.  The amount of hair fall is alarming within a week after the treatment.  Sometimes, the amount of hair fall is overwhelming that a prominent thinning can be seen within weeks.

Keratin hair treatment is mainly for straightening, but it will not give you shinier, better-looking hair.  You will notice your hair degrading in 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment.  It will become dry, faded and all messed up.