How to Find the Right Hair Salon

If you are unhappy with the existing results of your hair salon, then you better go find yourself a better hair salon.  If you are stuck in a rut and not happy with the results you have been getting, then it is time to switch.  But how do you know how to find a good hair salon? 

Most people say that personal recommendations are always the best.  That is true, most of the time.  If you see a friend with a great hairstyle, ask here where her hair salon is.  Or, if you pass by a stranger with a stunning hair style, you can boldly ask what hair salon she goes to.  It is not rude at all; in fact you might be surprised at how appreciative she is that you asked. 

Finding someone with a great hairstyle says a lot about the level of skill of the stylist.
After getting some recommendations, you can call up and set up a consultation with the potential new hair salon.  You have to be careful though.  You should also be very observant upon stepping into that new hair salon.

The hair salon must be clean.  The floors of salons get freshly cut hair all the time, but if you see clumps of hair that have been gathering dust, then that is a very bad sign.  If you also notice that the styling tools and products are cluttered everywhere or that their containers are yellowed with age, those are signs that the hair salon is messy and not hygienic.

You should also be aware of the pricing.  I have personally tried really cheap salons but got awful results.  These salons mostly set their prices so low because their skills or service cannot compete with other nearby salons.  On the other hand, high prices do not necessarily mean high quality.  These salons may merely be raising their rates to create the look of prestige.  Always choose a salon with a reasonable price.