Be Wary of Miracle Hair Treatments

There have been many advances in surgical and microsurgical technique over the past 50 years that have made the surgical hair treatment of balding or hair loss a possibility for millions of people all over the world.  These great leaps in understanding of the biochemistry and physiology of hair growth and hair loss make medical treatment of hair loss a scientifically documented reality for the first time in history.

However there are still what are labeled as “miracle” hair treatments that are not documented or clinically proven.  You should be able to sort out the undocumented claims of "miracle" hair treatments from the scientifically documented facts about hair restoration.

One of the ways to check is to accept these miracle hair treatments at face value, purchase the product and try them.  This will however cost you time and money.  The other way is to take the miracle hair treatments with a healthy skepticism and apply some "truth-of-claims tests" to determine if a product appears to be what the seller promises.

If the only proof that the miracle hair treatment offers is anecdotal and through testimonials, then you should be wary.   What you should be looking for is a documented proof that the product has been tested in clinical trials.  You should know of the product is actually effective and it can actually stimulate hair growth in a majority of persons who use it, and if it has minimal side effects.

There are so many fake hair treatments out there in the market, promising instant hair growth, healthier hair, less split ends, or straighter hair.  You should always be skeptical before spending your money and trying out these hair care products for yourself.  If a product is not tested and only relies on its testimonials, you have a reason to be concerned.