Hair Loss Solutions for Women

There are quite a number of women who suffer from female pattern hair loss.  This type of hair loss actually occurs when hair falls out of their heads and no new hair grows in its place.  Oftentimes, it is due to aging or changes in the levels of androgen (male hormones).  After reaching their menopausal stage, many women find that the hair on the crown of their heads is thinner, while the hair on their face is coarser.  It would also happen to you if you have a family history of female pattern baldness.  The hair loss in female pattern baldness is permanent, if it is not treated.

There is hope for women who suffer from hair loss, however.  For one, they can always go for the drug medications that of course have to be approved by authorities.  Minoxidil is one famous brand used by many people and studies have shown that Minoxidil is one brand that has helped hair grow in 20% to 25% of women.  Although hair loss solutions are quite expensive, you must continue to use the medication. 

Hair transplants are also becoming popular nowadays.  This procedure is done by removing tiny patches of hair in areas where hair is thicker and placing them in areas where hair is balding.  Hair pieces such as wigs may also be an alternative, a cheaper alternative to hair loss solutions, if you may.

You can also search for comparison sites in Singapore to find the right hair loss solution for you.  These sites often offer affordable deals for every need.