The Right Hair Care for Dandruff

Dandruff is the excessive shedding of the dead skin cells along our scalp.  A lot of people have dandruff problems but not a lot of them know how to handle it.  Dandruff is an irritating, sometimes recurring problem.  Oftentimes, people with dandruff are mistaken for being unhygienic or do not have a good hair care routine.

Dandruff is not only irritating; it is also detrimental to each hair strand.  These seemingly harmless flakes weaken the roots and therefore lead to eventual hair loss.  But what really causes dandruff?  Some say that it is a result of a disturbance of your body’s metabolic process and the metabolic process can be disrupted by drugs, puberty, emotional stress and changes in weather, climate or diet.

So as not to irritate your dandruff problem further, you should shampoo your hair weekly, rinse it properly, avoid using too much heat to style your hair and use a mild shampoo.  As much as possible, avoid heavy use of hair gels, hair spray and hair colours.

If you see flakes on your head, do not immediately assume that it is dandruff.  Sometimes, it may simply be caused by too much heat or excessive use of all things hot on your hair.  Sometimes, people  who are in a rush fail to completely remove their shampoos, thus leading to these white flakes on the head.

Many people also do not know that dandruff is contagious.  To avoid a never ending dandruff cycle, make sure you wash your brush or comb as well.  There are a few shampoos available for dandruff.  You can always ask around in pharmacies and drug stores which brands would work best for you.  If you have doubts, then, you can always go to the Internet to verify information.  If it really seems hopeless, then seek the help of professionals.