Some Facts About Pregnancy Hair Loss

There are a few women who have experienced hair loss after their pregnancy.  This is because during pregnancy, women often experience hormones fluctuation.  There are a few women who believe that their hair has become coarser and there are some who complain that they are having severe hair loss after pregnancy.  The specific reason as to the hair loss is relatively unknown.

In most cases, hair loss occurs after delivery due to vitamin or mineral deficiency.  In some cases, it is due to stress and sleep deprivation.  As hair loss is anything that happens when there is a change in the estrogen hormonal balance, it could also be attributable to your discontinuation of use of birth control pills or other hormonal birth control method.  Women who miscarriage, have an abortion or have stillbirth may also experience this.

The good side is that during the course of pregnancy, which is normally 9 months, there is a surge in the level of estrogen.  So hair grows fast and most pregnant women have a full luxurious head of hair.

Hair loss after delivery is normal, but there are some things that you can do to have healthier hair or to reduce hair loss in that phase.

For one, you can consult a doctor as to what to do to maintain a proper balance of hormones in your system.  You can also avoid weaving your hair, cornrows or hairstyles that tie your hair too tight.  Eat healthy foods that contain anti oxidant such as fruits and vegetables.  Shampoos used should also contain biotin and silica and as much as possible, hair should not be combed when wet.

Finally, the following nutrients should be included in your diet: Vitamin B, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Zinc.