How to Care for Rebonded Hair

Hair Rebonding has become quite a common phenomenon in Singapore and all over Asia.  Many rush to the salons wanting to get smoother and straighter hair without really clearly going over the pros and cons of such treatment.

First of all, it is in everyone’s best interest to understand that any chemical treatment done on the hair will affect the hair texture and quality.  Harm to these hair strands can lead to mild to excessive hair fall.  After rebonding, your hair requires extra pampering.

First off, since your hair was synthetically straightened, you need to use a shampoo especially for straight hair.  You should also apply conditioner and a hair serum.  Hair masks are also essential and weekly hot oil treatments with the salon will help in deep conditioning your hair.  All these will leave your hair frizz free and healthy looking.  Always remember to take in foods that are rich in protein and in Omega-3.

If you already had your hair rebonded and it turned out badly, you can still fix it.  You can go to the salon that rebonded your hair and ask them what they can do to fix it.  You can also get a hair cut immediately to chop off the ruined locks.  Hair conditioners will also come in handy.

As your hair is still brittle, you should avoid any chemical treatment for the next six months.  You should not even colour your hair within that period.  If your hair is naturally straight, you will not need to have it rebonded so as to keep it healthy.  If you feel like you really have to get the frizz out, then you should put a lot of effort and care for your hair.