How to Stop Falling Hair

A friend of mine often complains about her excessive hair fall.  Another friend often consoles her that having hair fall is quite normal and that you should not worry too much over it.  However, she argued that her hair fall is really excessive and it is not a laughing matter.  Days later, she took a picture of her bathroom drain and showed it to us.  She said that that was just one day’s worth of hair fall.  At that moment, my thoughts could be summed up in one word: alarming.

Hair fall is caused by numerous factors.  One of which is dandruff.  Yes, dandruff.  Dandruff not only causes scalp itching, it may also lead to excessive hair loss.  Hair fall is also sometimes caused by crash dieting or a drastic change in lifestyle.  It could either be because you are taking in less nutrients than is normally required by the body, or it could be because you badly lack much needed sleep.

Hair fall is sometimes related to our hormones.  Most new mothers often find themselves losing a lot more hair than they would prefer.  Some even end up with bald patches is one or more areas on their heads.  Sometimes, hair fall is caused by one’s genes.  If you are destined to be bald, well, better face the music and move on.

Whatever the causes, if you believe that your hair fall is way too excessive and understandably alarming, then it would be in your best interest to find a hair care specialist to address your concerns before it is too late.

A hair care specialist will identify the cause of your hair fall and recommend means for it to be addressed. It is always better to find a solution for your hair fall before it is too late.