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Our health and our body is something we ought to take seriously. Due to the rise of technology and the thirst for convenience, we have not been paying much attention to our health and weight as much as we need to. Thank goodness iCompare Slimming is here to help whip us back into shape.

Any of these sound like you?

  • I want to regain my pre-pregnancy body.
  • I want to slim down and get rid of my unsightly fats and love handles.
  • I want a firmer body, with nicely-toned muscles.
  • I want to lose my belly fat!

iCompare Beauty is your One-stop, Reliable, Quick and Free guide to feeling healthier and looking fabulous! Here you can find tips on attaining your appropriate body weight, get an insight on the basic slimming information, learn about various slimming salons in Singapore or even share slimming secrets with other iCompare Beauty users.

We help you find ways to achieve the body you want, at a price you can afford. Before committing to a big-bucks beauty adventure, we’ll show you an easy way to accomplish a gratifying and holistic journey, when YOU want it, without spending a fortune! What’s more! You get to enjoy special deals and promotions that are ONLY available through iCompare Beauty.

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  • No need to go through so many slimming websites! All the basics of slimming are within reach. Learn about your ideal weight, exercise, diet fads and calorie control right here.
  • We have the best slimming deals from the best slimming centres, guaranteed! Through special collaborations with the various slimming salons and spas, you get to enjoy special deals and promotions ONLY available through iCompare Beauty.
  • When it comes to finding the most effective slimming treatments, we're not about to wing it. iCompare Beauty has compiled a comprehensive, indispensable A-list of the most popular and exclusive slimming salons, spas and many more.
  • Our Editor-in-Chief went undercover to scoop out slimming treatments in the city from coast to coast, investigating services, testing treatments, and reporting back on the good, the bad, and, yes, even the ugly.
  • We asked you, our users and readers, to spread the word about your favourite treatments, reveal your experiences or share your best beauty secrets and shortcuts with other icompare.com.sg visitors.
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