Get a Massage

Massage not only beats stress, it also helps in elimination of body toxins & waste to bring about a healthier, more beautiful you.

A massage is the right addition to a disciplined diet and exercise routine. Massage actually supports weight loss by improving the body’s flexibility for physical movements, reducing the risk of injury, increasing metabolic rate, supporting digestive functions and reducing abdominal fat.

  1. Slimming | Improving Flexibility
    Improving Flexibility Massage therapy enhances the effects of exercise by improving the body’s flexibility and blood flow. It also helps ease sore and stiff muscles after exercise by increasing oxygenation of muscle tissues. Because of this, the muscles’ performance is maximized which also maximizes the number of calories burned when exercising.
  2. Weight Loss | Reducing Risk of Injury
    Reducing Risk of Injury Massage helps prevent injuries by stretching connective tissue. It also helps improve circulation and prevents the breakdown of scar tissue that results from muscle injuries. Furthermore, it influences the excretion of nitrogen, phosphorous and sulfur which are known to aid in tissue repair. So how does this exactly help in slimming? Having injuries limit your physical activities, thereby hampering your weight loss.
  3. Increasing Metabolism
    Increasing Metabolism Massage enhances metabolism by improving the body’s blood circulation. Metabolism is improved with the maximization of the nutrients and oxygen supply, allowing the muscles how to burn more calories.
  4. Slimming Massage | Aiding Digestion
    Aiding Digestion Massage can promote good digestive health. Massage techniques such belly massage and meridian bodywork all support one’s digestive functions, which in turn help weight loss.
  5. Slimming Massage | Reducing Tummy Fats
    Reducing Tummy Fats The hormone cortisol has been shown to increase appetite and lead to fatty deposits in the tummy area. Massage has been known to reduce the circulating method of cortisol, thus easing stress, decreasing appetite and reducing the accumulation of fats around the tummy.