Daily Activities

  1. Household Chores

    Household Chores

    Never mind if you don't go to the gym. So long as you do considerable amount of houseworks, you could actually lose weight and be fit.

    For instance, when you vacuum or mop the floors, you are already working out your arms and legs akin to lifting weights or running on a treadmill. And every time you pick things off the floor, you can do so by squating instead of bending over the waist. Running errands can also help you burn calories by cycling instead of driving.

    - Washing Dishes
    - Doing Laundry
    - Climbing Stairs

  2. Office Workout

    Office Workout

    You may spend most of your waking hours in the office, but it doesn't give you an excuse to develop love handles.

    Walk or cycle when going to your workplace, if ever possible. Otherwise, allocate an extra time for walking so you can get off a couple of blocks early. Take some time to stretch your muscles when taking a tea break. Or quite simply, stand when taking a call or reading a paper as it burns more calories than sitting.

    - Take the stairs instead of a lift
    - Fitness Breaks
    - Park your car a few blocks away, then walk

  3. Sports Games

    Sports Games

    Every sport is a great exercise. And A lot of people play different sports for fun without realising how much exercise they've been doing by playing. Take for instance, soccer which can actually help burn 500 to 800 calories in an hour depending on the level of competitiveness. Apart from having fun, playing basketball can burn approximately 600 calories per hour.

    - Tennis
    - Cycling
    - Swimming