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  1. Angelia says
    56 rating
    Just came back from the treatment today. A few comments to make: 1. The 'free' slimming pack was never given to me at all . 2. I was asked to come back another day for the treatment. The first day was all about the sales pitch. 3. Very hard sell. They won't proceed with the treatment untill you sign up for at least one of their package. 4. Say must put money down as member price (300+ dollars) in order to have the full trial package - inclusive of the ampule. 5. Treatment lasted a total of 3 hours (180mins). 6. All in all, the treatment was good. Lost a few cMs and weight after the first time. 7. Only complaint is the service and the hard sales. I just do not like it. Hence the average rating.
  2. Siew Ling says
    80 rating
    consultants are relatively attentive, treatments received are excellent.. however consultants are quite pushy,they won't let you leave till you agree to sign up package and make a deposit.
  3. Carrie says
    93 rating
    i could feel the strength of the electrical impulses. i felt my muscles tighten as a result. In the end, i did lose quite a few centimeters off my waist. very very impressive. i surely will go back for more and maybe get a package.
  4. Alicia says
    96 rating
    machine very sophisticated, consultant profesional and place in novena squara has nice ambience. i understadn why they have many customers.
  5. Jacqueline says
    99 rating
    two thumbs up for new york solutions. personalised service with nice results.