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About the Slimming Spa

Nestled at the 4th floor of Orchard Shopping Centre is True Shape, a professional beauty salon that provides customized solution to your beauty problems. With 20 years of experience under its belt, True Shape offers a wide range of tried-and-tested products and technologies which are designed to cater to various body problems for various people. It stays true to its philosophy of offering customized, dedicated, effective, professional and quality service to satisfy each customer that walks into their door.


  • Orchard Shopping Centre, 321 Orchard Road, #04-03/04 (Orchard Shopping Centre) S238866

Editor's Review

90 Editor's Rate

The receiving area of True Shape is no-nonsense, yet cozy and homey. Surprisingly enough, their treatment room is more spacious than I thought. The therapists are kind enough to entertain questions about the treatments and the procedures. In addition, they presented various treatments – both for the face and body – in full detail, which can really help you in choosing what treatment to get.

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3-in-1 Body Perfector Treatment

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Christine's Concerns Being a salty-foods junkie, Christine often has water retention problems and tummy bloating. To get rid of the belly fats and at the same time to detoxify and tone her body, her therapist recommended the 3-in-1 Body Perfector Treatment.

This treatment is one of the latest technologies in weight-losing treatment. It utilizes bio-current to generate heat deep within skin tissues that can dissolve adipose fats and stimulate the skin tissue causing it to contract.

Measurements and more measurements! The therapist takes down Christine’s waist, thigh and arm measurements to clearly assess if she indeed shed off centimeters after the slimming treatment.


  1. 1

    Behold the pads which transmit the bio-current to certain parts of the body! These pads are smeared with a slimming/toning gel before application. The slimming/toning gel helps in enhancing the results of the bio-current that will generate heat deep within skin tissues. The therapist then applies these pads into the target areas, which in her case are the arms, thighs and abdomen.

    The 3-in-1 Body Perfector Machine can:
    - Reduce adipose fats under the skin
    - Reduce appearance of cellulite
    - Combat water retention problem
    - Tone muscles and trim flabby areas

    The machine runs on electric current that stimulates the skin tissue to contract, creating a tightening effect. I can feel a tingling sensation along the areas where the pads are placed. The therapist says that this is normal as it simply shows that the heat energy is doing what it is supposed to do.

  2. 2

    Upon determining the strength of the bio-current, the therapist leaves the machine running for full 30 minutes. This allows the bio-current emitted from the pads to work its way into the adipose fats. This heat energy not only dissolves adipose fats under the skin, it also stimulates the skin tissue to contract, tightening the tissues in the process. It also helps to improve your lymphatic drainage! After 30 minutes, the therapist carefully strips off the pads and wipes off the slimming/toning gel.

    The pads emit painless vibrations that feel like bursts of electric current. I could feel my tummy, thighs and arms tighten the whole time. Even after the therapist took the pads off my body, I could still feel vibrations under my skin.

After Treatment

I lost 2.57 centimeters around my tummy area in just one session! Imagine that! Minutes after the therapist took off the pads, I could still feel a tingling sensation around my abdomen, arms and thighs. It definitely felt like the bio-current was melting my fats away. For those who want to see instant result, I would recommend this treatment for you -- painless, powerful and effective!

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Slimming Tips

I am so worried about my tummy fats. What is the best natural way to lose fats?

The best way would be watch your food intake. Eat only what is recommended of you daily.

User Reviews

97 Average Rating

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  1. Julien says
    99 rating
    It is a very effective slimming treatment! I manage to lose 8 kg and few inches off my waist/thighs/arms after 3 months of body perfector treatment with true shape. Highly recommended!
  2. saints says
    100 rating
    Surprise to see True Shape on icompare when I visited this site. I just like to credit True Shape for helping me to solve my Acne and Acne scar infested facial skin. I'm now totally free of those irritating red marks on my face! True Shape's treatment and products are extremely effective and is worth every penny. Services and skills are good, and they are cheap. They definitely worth the full mark!
  3. Mary says
    90 rating
    I tried their 3 in 1 Treatment. The vibration of the pud made my stomach tighter, it was like after working out. At the consultation, the consultant listened to my concern seriously, so, I felt good after all the session physically and mentally.