Lose weight naturally by swimming

Lose Weight | Swimming Swimming can be one of, if not the, best way to exercise towards weight loss. More so than running, more so than biking, swimming provides the workout strenuous enough to really melt off the pounds. What makes swimming so much more effective than other fitness methods? Have a look for yourself. Swimming is one of the best aerobic workouts around. Running and biking (as mentioned previously) are some of the best aerobic exercises to lose weight… swimming is better. A swimming regimen will point you in the proper direction towards weight loss.

As anyone who has ever taken the plunge before can tell you, water is more resistant than air. Therefore, swimming is like running while utilizing weights. Except instead of working your legs, you are toning the entire body. Almost all your muscles are worked out and this greatly increases the number of calories burned.

Swimming promotes the growth of muscles. You just read about how the resistance of water and the fact that the motions of swimming couple to form what is essentially a weight-training workout for every muscle in the body. Continued practice of swimming will only improve your utilization of these muscles, leading to the growth and strength of the lean tissue. Muscle growth means metabolism growth. Metabolism growth in turn means weight loss.

Continued use of swimming as a means for exercise will help make your joints more flexible. Increased flexibility will allow your swimming form to improve, maximizing the effectiveness of the exercise. This increased productivity allows you to burn more calories than ever before, stimulating the reduction of fat cells in the body.

Swimming can also be a relaxing way to exercise. Increased relaxation alleviates stress. Many scientists point to increased stress as the main culprit for certain types of weight gain. Stress encourages fat, swimming combats stress. You do the math.

Swimming, in addition to being a more productive exercise than running or biking, is also an easier exercise. Gone is the pressure on joints that accompanies the other exercises. This results in longer workouts at a more refreshed pace. Again, this will help you burn more fat than ever before.

Swimming simply burns more calories. At its peak, running can burn about 270 calories per hour. Most styles of swimming burn anywhere from 350-400 calories per hour (if you are heavier from the start, that number can be increased even more!). Additionally, deep water walking can burn over 540 calories an hour! This is a lot more productive than sweating it out while running to and fro.

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