Weight Loss | Lose Weight | Tennis Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. Playing tennis is fun and exciting. And it can either be a social acitivity or can be played alone. And while it gains quite a reputation in the sports arena, tennis is also becoming popular to people who want to loss weight. It can give you the benefits of increased metabolism and a healthy lifestyle.

Burn Rate
Depending on your weight and exertion level you'll burn about 100-150 extra calories* in a half-hour session. 30min Tennis:
Recreational 93kcal
Moderate 127kcal

Over 12 months, this daily tennis game uses up a total of 43,800 calories per year: the equivalent of 12.5 pounds of weight.

*Extra calories are those you burn on top of the calories you use for basic day-to-day living. Inputting your exercise into your exercise diary will calculate the number of calories you will burn, based on your weight.

Tennis: Exercise and Health Benefits
Tennis not only helps you shed off those excess fats, it also does wonders to your health condition in general by reducing your of developing weight-related illnesses including diabetes and heart disease.

How to Lose Weight Fast by Playing Tennis
No matter what exercise you do, in order to get its maximum benefit, it must be coupled with nutritious and healthy diet, which includes a good range of minerals, vitamins and other nutrition. A healthy body loses weight faster. When playing tennis with weight loss in mind, make sure you follow a good diet program and never skip a meal specially breakfast.

Does Tennis Suit You?
For effective weight reduction, experts recommend that you do whatever you feel most comfortable with to be always motivated. How you feel during a certain exercise affects the outcome because when you don't enjoy what you're doing, it'll feel like a burden thereby, affecting how your body reacts to movements.

Here are some of the benefits of tennis for weight loss.
  • One of the biggest benefits of tennis is simple: If you enjoy the game, and you have likeminded individuals who will play with you, then it is a physical activity that you will get enjoyment out of doing, making exercise fun rather than a chore or a requirement of you. Schedule a weekly tennis game with some friends and have fun. You will completely forget how many calories you are burning in the process!
  • Tennis is a sport that really requires you to keep moving. The more you move, the more calories you burn. As you dash around the court chasing the ball, you will be running, jumping, hopping and skipping without even realizing it. Many people end up very tired after a game of tennis and cannot figure out why. It never even occurs to them how much activity they are actually experiencing while playing an enjoyable game.
  • Tennis conditions your body not only for weight loss, but also building up lean, strong muscles as well. Tennis builds strong arms, strong legs and strong abdominals just during the game. You do not have to lose weight to play tennis, or be conditioned in any way, because a great deal of the conditioning will come from the game play itself.
  • Tennis easily burns more calories than walking or running and better conditions your body as well. Because tennis involves moving around to catch the ball, using your arms to swing your racquet and using your abdominals to power your swings, you are using a large part of your entire body all at once. You may feel achy after your first or second match; this is because you are probably working muscles that you did not even know you had before now!