1. Slimming, Health and Your Body Age

    Slimming, Health and Your Body AgeHave you heard of the BodyAge computation machine? It is a software tool that measures physical fitness. It measures major areas such as Cardiovascular health, Body mass composition, Flexibility and Strength.

  2. Slimming Tips - Increase Your Metabolism

    Slimming Tips - Increase Your MetabolismThere are several means for slimming. One of which is increasing your body’s metabolic rate. To increase your body’s metabolism, you do not necessary have to take supplements and such.

  3. What Foods to Avoid When You are On a Slimming Diet

    What Foods to Avoid When You are On a Slimming DietWomen of all ages find it exceptionally hard to go on a slimming diet. It is especially more difficult for professionals and working women to do so as their schedule rarely allows them to sit down and have full, healthy meals.

  4. Can a Slimming Centre Guarantee a Quick Fix?

    Can a Slimming Centre Guarantee a Quick Fix?If you have experienced being the fat kid at least once in your life, you would not reject the idea of visiting a slimming centre to address your weight issues. I have been a fat kid once and it is because of this that I empathize for those who are going through the pains off unsuccessful weight loss.

  5. Health Tips to Maximise Slimming Centres Results

    Health Tips to Maximise Slimming Centres ResultsMany people go to slimming centres nowadays to slim down and shape up. Little do they know that they can also achieve the same results if they start watching what they eat and take a little more care of their bodies and lifestyles.

  6. New Slimming Hype: Bodysuits

    New Slimming Hype: BodysuitsSlimming is a multi-million dollar business. Nearly every quarter, you could hear new products for slimming being advertised on television or the Internet. As in most cases, the latest product advertised will be the one to gain the most hype.

  7. Debunking Slimming “Wonders”

    Debunking Slimming “Wonders”Have you heard of slimming patches? Yes, like nicotine patches, they exist. However, they have not proven that they do help in slimming down. It is simply a waste of money. Fat blockers are pills that supposedly absorb the fat a person takes in. Starch blockers also claim to provide a slimming solution by impeding starch digestion. Users have complained of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pains after using these slimming products.

  8. Weight Loss Diets and Restrictions

    Weight Loss Diets and RestrictionsOn a weight loss diet and saw a cake then you thought to yourself, “a little bite won’t hurt.” A small piece of cake or a gnaw on a chocolate chip cookie may seem nothing at the moment but amounting them together, your “little bite” may turn into your worst nightmare – unwanted calories! Those little bites may be the very thing preventing your weight loss diet that you may unjustly blame it as the weight loss program you’re in is not working.

  9. Slimming Massage: Does it Work?

    Slimming Massage: Does it Work?There also different types of slimming massage. One of which involves a combination of acupuncture and pressure. This type of massage is known to be highly effective due to the several areas in our bodies which we can elicit and initiate to hasten up the course of losing weight.

  10. Weight Loss: Diet and Exercise

    Weight Loss: Diet and ExerciseWeight loss begins with a healthy diet. Diet is simply taking in fewer calories from your usual intake. Fat is not your friend. Fat contains calories twice as the other basic food nutrients. It should be in small quantities. Take in less red meat like pork, beef or lamb and replace with fish, turkey, chicken or steak.

  11. Effective Slimming Tips

    Effective Slimming TipsSlimming down is not a simple feat. There are some individuals who would say yes, but the reality is that most of the people actually struggle doing it. Thus, it is not generally easy to drop those extra pounds. If slimming down were so easy, then a lot of slimming centres and slimming salons would not have built an empire exploiting the human need to be aesthetically delighting.

  12. Why Having a Slim Body is Good

    Why Having a Slim Body is GoodMany people especially women have been obsessed with being slim. Most of these individuals who want to be slim share the same reason, they all wish to look good in front of other people, so they have confidence to face people.

  13. Slimming Techniques for Busy People

    Slimming Techniques for Busy PeopleKnowing our bodies are not design for such static positions, we have to think of ways to release muscle strains or tensions that we acquire for working long hours in such situations. A few good slimming exercises which you can do while you are in front of your computer will help you stay slim and healthy.

  14. Weight Loss To Do List

    Weight Loss To Do ListLosing weight has always been a challenge to many people especially women. There are many things you can do to shed some weight. One thing is for sure, losing weight too quickly is dangerous.

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