Debunking Slimming “Wonders”

Some people are in search of the fastest way for slimming.  They place their hopes on slimming pills that claim to burn, block and flush out fats.  There are even other slimming pills that help control the appetite.  However, you should be aware of certain products that claim to provide an instant slimming solution.

Have you heard of slimming patches?  Yes, like nicotine patches, they exist.  However, they have not proven that they do help in slimming down.  It is simply a waste of money.  Fat blockers are pills that supposedly absorb the fat a person takes in.  Starch blockers also claim to provide a slimming solution by impeding starch digestion. Users have complained of nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach pains after using these slimming products.

Some fiber based slimming products may absorb liquid and swell in the stomach, which in turn reduces hunger. Some fillers such as guar gum, can even prove harmful, causing obstructions in the intestines, stomach, or esophagus.  Useless slimming gadgets are popping up like mushrooms recently.  They are simply ineffective and a total waste of your hard earned money.  They exploit those who are desperately in search of a slimming solution.  There are electrical muscle stimulators that have legitimate use in physical therapy but none for slimming and toning.  When used incorrectly, the muscle stimulators can be quite dangerous and may cause shocks and burns.

Then there are the appetite suppressing eyeglasses which are common eyeglasses with colored lenses which manufacturers claim will project an image to the retina that dampens the desire to eat.  There is no evidence that these work.  So are the magic slimming earrings which claim to have custom fitted jewellery and earrings that will stimulate acupuncture points.

The most important thing to remember would be to be careful about what to believe.  The best way to lose weight would be to exercise more and eat less.  There are no shortcuts.