What Foods to Avoid When You are On a Slimming Diet

Women of all ages find it exceptionally hard to go on a slimming diet.  It is especially more difficult for professionals and working women to do so as their schedule rarely allows them to sit down and have full, healthy meals.

But the bigger question is, what foods exactly should one consume when they are on a slimming diet?  Your mother may have told you this a thousand times over, but vegetables are really key if you are on a slimming diet.  You can go for low-calorie foods such as lentil soups, mixed vegetables, peas and beans.

You can consume skim milk, low fat yogurt, low fat cheese, egg whites, whole grains and low fat baked goods.  However, you should keep these in moderation.  You may also consume grilled chicken or even chicken cooked in little oil.

When you are on a slimming diet, there are certain foods to avoid at all costs. 
1.    First of all, avoid drinking binges when you are on a slimming diet.  Beer by itself is a huge weight killer!
2.    Avoid meat.  Meat is high in calories and high in cholesterol.  Some parts are even made up mostly of fats.  Eww.
3.    Stay away from chocolates and cakes.  These are not only high in calories, they can also cause cavities and toothaches.
4.    Eggs.  Did you know that one boiled egg contains 216 mg of cholesterol with 79 calories?  Who would have thought this little one is harmful for your waistline?
5.    Avoid ice cream.  We all love ice cream, but our hips and waist do not.  Certain ice cream flavours are also not recommended such as Vanilla and Chocolate.

If you are certain you want to go on a slimming diet, sacrifices await.  You have to have a certain degree of self control to stop yourself from munching on your favourite food once the urge starts.