Slimming, Health and Your Body Age

Have you heard of the BodyAge computation machine?  It is a software tool that measures physical fitness.  It measures major areas such as Cardiovascular health, Body mass composition, Flexibility and Strength.

Most slimming centres in Singapore offer this type of body assessment tool.  We all think that chronological age is everything.  In fact it’s not.  An older person who takes good care of her health and is conscious about her food intake can have the body age of 25.  And a 25 year old person who parties hard, drinks a lot, smokes and does not exactly take slimming too seriously could potentially have the body of a 33 year old. 

To maintain a healthy body age, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, have regular slimming massages, eat healthy foods and have a positive outlook on life.  Packing on the pounds can make anyone seem older, and actually be older.  Slimming down to your ideal weight can help you gain that confidence that you need.

People with higher body age will have lower life expectancy, and vice versa.  Body age is not really that new.  In fact, body age can be manifested in your daily life.  If you easily get tired, you are often stressed out, you often have headaches or bouts of exhaustion, most likely, your body age is higher than your chronological age.

Slimming down to your ideal weight and a healthy lifestyle can bring you body age closer to your chronological age, or maybe even lower if you are lucky.