Weight Loss: Diet and Exercise

Fad diets are becoming more and more popular promising weight loss by calculating carbohydrates or eating one forth full of your plate with vegetables and fruits. Guess what? Wight loss is a simple concept typically misunderstood by the public. It essentially involves diet and exercise. Knowing both this concept, you can positively value the simplicity of it. You don’t have to rash on those “magic” pills and hopefully your last resort, surgery.

Weight loss begins with a healthy diet. Diet is simply taking in fewer calories from your usual intake. Fat is not your friend. Fat contains calories twice as the other basic food nutrients. It should be in small quantities. Take in less red meat like pork, beef or lamb and replace with fish, turkey, chicken or steak. It should be sparingly as in once or twice a week of serving. It could lead to several cardiovascular (heart) diseases and stroke. Sugar is another antagonist. It is mainly nutrition less. Eating less wouldn’t mean a gigantic change in nourishment. It is definitely high in calories! A high on sugar diet could even progress to your diabetes mellitus II (a relatively uncontrollable high sugar in your blood that requires prompt lifestyle changes and insulin administrations). A high fiber diet can be helpful. It has less carbs than fats and sugar. It easily fills us up and aids in the digestive process quite well relieving constipation. Green leafy vegetables, potatoes and sweet corn are some foods high in fiber.

According to the Food Pyramid, we should acquire 3-4 servings of fruits. It is basically rich in vitamins that aid your bodies’ metabolic and nutritional needs like cell or tissue repair, immunity and a lot more. In case of vegetables, it is suggested to have at least 2-3 servings. There are so many varieties of vegetables in salads that don’t only include lettuce-leaf that can highly benefit your nutrition. Weight loss initially begins with healthy dieting and to keep in mind it should be permanent, not a one to six months deal.

Proper exercise is the second key concept. With the advent of sedentary lifestyle, basically with technology, everyone doesn’t seem to bother to kick a ball and shoot some loops anymore. Remember that the concept of weight loss is eating less carbs while burning more of your excess carbs. Spending at least 30-60 minutes of the day with moderately intense physical activity can benefit your body. Go clean your room once in a while, pick up the broom, clean some dishes, do some mowing and do anything that can draw mutually profiting activities. Do your body a favor.

There are a lot of pills that promote weight loss around the drug stores that mostly haven’t proved their success yet. Don’t be reckless since there are individual indications that can be non-therapeutic for you. Talk to your doctor about it. Your doctor can advise you on a specific diet plans that is beneficial and would definitely work for you. Mostly, physicians will recommend surgery only to those with life threatening conditions that can greatly affect the client’s well-being.

Always remember that weight loss is not a one night thing. Your cooperation and commitment is necessary with appropriate dieting and adequate exercise. Don’t self-medicate. You don’t have to do it alone.