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About the Salon

Praise Aesthetics

Committed in providing value-added beauty treatments with highly innovative and up-to-date technology, Prasie Aesthetics is equipped with a complete set of wellness facilities, designed to effectively deliver instant and noticeable result and is dedicated for ladies only. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with vibrant yellow and orange accents merged with a touch of earthen tones and soothing music, along with unmistakable scent of aromatic essential oils.

While each room is dressed in a similar manner, they are spacious and exude a cozy milieu. Pick from an array of treatments ranging from therapeutic massages, to body treatments, hair removal, slimming and face spa.


  • Tanjong Pagar, 74 Tras St Singapore 079013
  • Bedok, Blk 88 Bedok North St 4 #01-149 Singapore 460088

Editor's Review

The zesty decor combined with soothing music and aroma cerntainly liven up my five senses even before my treatments begun. And my therapist, Madam Rose had healing hands. She found all the spots that were causing my stiffness and I wanted to kidnap her so that she could massage my shoulders every morning!

97 Editor's Rate

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Full Radio Frequency Body Massage Treatment

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Shirley's Concerns:

  • Shoulder tension
  • Back pain

Shirley, a writer, is mostly desk-bound. Understandably, she experiences shoulder tension and back pains quite often. To address these, the therapist suggested a Full Radio Frequency Body Massage Treatment to release built-up tension around her back and shoulders, as well as to ease her stress. This massage will produce Radio Frequency waves to help increase cellular function, increase blood flow and collagen fiber cells. It also helps soften internatl fat.


  1. Step 1: Leg and Calf Massage

    Her lower limbs – particularly the calves and thighs -- are massaged using a kneading technique. This is to enhance her blood circulation and relieve calf and thigh pains brought on by constant walking.

  2. Step 2: Back Massage

    The largest amount of time is devoted to kneading her back since her body pains are saturated in this area. The therapist firmly massages her upper & lower back, working directly over her spine.

  3. Step 3: Shoulder Massage

    A shoulder massage was administered to ease tension and alleviate pain surrounding her shoulders. The shoulder joints and pectoral muscles were also massaged thoroughly for increased blood circulation.

  4. Step 4: Neck Massage

    The upper trapezius muscle is usually the most tense and painful area for desk-bound employees. The therapist massaged the trapezius, starting from the base of the neck, using adequate pressure.

  5. Step 5: Abdominal Massage

    The upper trapezius muscle is usually the most tense and painful area for desk-bound employees. The therapist massaged the trapezius, starting from the base of the neck, using adequate pressure.

  6. Step 6: Radio Frequency Treatment

    Radio Frequency emitted helps to enhance her cellular function, regulate her blood flow and soothe her entire body. As an added bonus, this treatment also helps in softening her internal fat.

After the Treatment...

The full body massage was very relaxing. It eased the built-up tension in my lower back, especially in the area around my neck and shoulders. I felt immediately rejuvenated. I definitely would recommend this massage to weary and stressed-out ladies out there.

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Radient Facial Treatment

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Ariel's face problems

  • Slight blemishes
  • Tired Skin

Because of long days at work, my skin was looking tired and I was suffering from a slight breakout. The therapist thus recommended me the 24K Gold Series Facial Treatment, which would help repair and renew skin cells as well as reduce pigments and blemishes. It will also help to eliminate the presence of toxins.


  1. Step 1: Gold Series cleansing Gel

    The therapist first used the Gold Series cleansing Gel to deeplu cleanse my face, removing dirt, make up and excess sebum in the process.

  2. Step 2: Extraction

    The therapist then proceeded to extract the black heads from my face. Therapist did an extremely thorough job, ensuring that my pores were properly cleared.

  3. Step 3: Face massage and Gold Series Hydrant Gel

    The therapist then applied the Gold Series Hydrant Gel using massage techniques. The gel hydrates and nourishes the skin.

  4. Step 4: Gold Series Mask

    After massaging the gel onto my face, the therapist applied the gold series powder mask onto my face to moisturize my face and promote skin rejuvenation.

  5. Step 5: Strawberry Mask

    After the gold mask, an optional Strawberry mask was applied to my face to sooth and cool my face.

  6. Step 6: Application of moisturizer and sunblock

    After cleansing off the strawberry mask, the therapist ending the treatment by applying moisturizer and sunblock to my face.

After the Treatment...

The Gold Series treatment was a real delight! My face feels thoroughly moisturized and looks clearer already! My face looks firmer and brighter and my blemishes are less obvious!

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Silk Peel Treatment

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Xiuhui's face problems

  • Dehydration
  • Dull Skin

Being a Banker, Xiuhui spends most of time either at the office or meeting with clients in air conditioned areas. This has caused her skin to suffer from dehydration. She has also started noticing that her skin looked a little dull and lackluster. To treat her concerns, the therapist recommended her the Silk Peel Treatment.


  1. Step 1: Double Cleanse

    The therapist cleansed first her make up then proceeded to cleanse her skin, ensuring that the skin will be thoroughly cleansed!

  2. Step 2: Silk Peel with Hydrating Solution

    The therapist then started with her microdermabrasion with the SilkPeel Skin Hydrating Solution infused in it to rehydrate dry skin and fine lines.

  3. Step 3: Review of progress

    After completing the right side of her face, the therapist brought a mirror to highlight the difference of treating one side of the face.

  4. Step 4: Strawberry Mask

    After her microdermabrasion, a cooling Strawberry mask was applied to her face to nourish her skin as well as to give her skin moisture.

  5. Step 5: Shoulder Massage

    While Xiuhui relaxed with her strawberry mask, the therapist massaged her neck and shoulders for a total body experience.

  6. Step 6: Application of moisturizer and sunblock

    After cleansing off the strawberry mask, the therapist ending the treatment by applying moisturizer and sunblock to her face.

After the Treatment...

The treatment was really enjoyable! After the microdermabrasion, my skin felt cleaner and looked brighter! Because of the hydrating solution, my skin feels moisturized and not at all tight. The strawberry mask smelled really nice and felt cool and soothing when it was applied to my face.

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User Reviews

86 Average Rating

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  1. mel says
    90 rating
    They were not pushy and the service was not bad.
  2. tay says
    90 rating
    Tried their facial and male friend actually noted my difference. Nevertheless,the facial very expensive. It used to have promotion package and 1 facial is abt $75 only.
  3. Jiaxi says
    85 rating
    The manager was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. She can really explain the theory behind every treatment. I feel safe to let them treat my face.
  4. Leena says
    90 rating
    I have one word to describe the Balinese massage – “SHIOK”.
  5. Britney says
    73 rating
    I wished they could have been lower in their prices because I certainly would not be able to make this my regular facial place.