Citibella Beauty Club & Artelier

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Citibella Beauty Club & Artelier

Citibella Beauty Club & Artelier’s signature experience is their 4S story and promises - indulge in a world where beauty is a fusion of Spa, Skin, Shape and Style; where every treatment is a totally luxuriously calm experience. The wealth of treatments that revolves around Citibella’s total beauty concept is designed to concentrate on stimulating the inner well-being as much as the face and body. These pampering treatments invite you to revamp your style, rejuvenate and relax your senses.

Remake your shape and feel confidently sexy with the selection of body contouring treatments including bust enhancement and weight loss programmes. These treatments are exclusively designed in dedication to molding and transforming your body and soul.

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86 Average Rating

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  1. Carrie says
    86 rating
    Service is quite good. Try their facials.