About the Salon


FIL Skin, Body & Spa Intelligence seeks to provide a holistic approach towards beauty and health so as to enable individuals to enjoy a fuller and more rewarding life. Their vision is to enable and empower individuals to pursue wellness. FIL offers a myriad of customized skincare services for women with various skin types. Flawless and radiant complexion is now a dream come true.

Enjoy a refreshing treat at FIL, designed to pamper every inch of your skin. FIL signature therapies provide safe, effective treatments with proven results. They are affordable yet able to restore and rejuvenate problems in skins like acne, scar marks, pigmentations and more.

User Reviews

88 Average Rating

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  1. Jacqueline says
    88 rating
    Surprised that the service was quite good.
  2. Alison says
    99 rating
    I did a trial of their award-winning Surgical Pulsed Light Therapy last week and was amazed at the results! The whole process was soothing and comfortable and best of all, my skin looks much more radiant and rosy than before! So I immediately signed up a package as my skin desperately needed some help. Girl friends, this is one place you have to check out before the festive season hits town!
  3. NAni says
    76 rating
    I had the Balinese Touch spa package and felt like total Indonesian royalty. The milk bath especially was luxurious. Will definitely treat myself to another session soon!