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HAACH believes in encouraging people the desire to always bring out the best in them, to look and feel as good as they can. HAACH's vision is to become a global leader in the 360° provision of complete & integrated spa, face, skin and body care related treatment services and products.

HAACH is constantly and enthusiastically searching for newer and better ways to bring the things that you desire most. This includes innovative services that are designed to bring out your inner confidence as you go about your daily life. HAACH believe in advocating a total balanced lifestyle - balance between work, leisure and health.

User Reviews

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  1. Lisa says
    35 rating
    I went for their promo facial, think $68 for each session. The mgr told me that my skin is quite alright. Just need some deep cleansing. Ok, took up the one at emerald. Wow, the beautician kept pushing prdts to me while squeezing...and kept telling me that i need to apply vitamin c n another m-pills s my skin is dry. BUT my skin is very oily!!!
  2. Pei says
    58 rating
    think haach realli did a bad name for themselves. I am with them, i wouln't wan comments i do feel they are quit pushy at times, depending on the mgr in charge cos the mgr is also the consultant.