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Jean Yip Group is now Singapore’s leading hair and beauty group with a strong growing team of more than 600 creative hairstylists and professional beauty therapists. Founded by Ms. Jean Yip 25 years ago and incorporated in 1990, it has since expanded from a single outlet in Katong Plaza to more than of 50 hairdressing, beauty & slimming outlets today.

All outlets are situated in prime locations all over Singapore and expanded regionally in Malaysia and Indonesia. Jean Yip Group provides a comprehensive range of hairdressing, hair & scalp care, therapeutic beauty and slimming, plus makeover photography services.

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  1. Nerissa says
    2 rating
    I've done hair rebonding at jean yip a couple of times the past few years and i could see that their service quality has definitely deteriorated. If you want a quick hair fix, lots of pushing of hair products, thats the place to go to. I've tried to check out the facial package at compass point recently. the first the salegal said was 'we don't have facial less than $100 if that is what you're looking for'. that immediately puts me off. She tried to screen off customers, i screen off jean yip..
  2. Byna says
    20 rating
    I have 3 reviews on Jean Yip - all on different services. 1st review - This was few years ago. Outlet was at Plaza Sing. Review is on soft-rebonding. My hair was NOT the way I wanted after rebonding. My hair was dry and not manageable at all. 2nd review - Early '09. Outlet was at Tampines Mall. Review is on eyebrow service. The counter staff was not friendly at all. Instead, they were busy talking among themselves than serving me. pffft. The lady who did my eyebrow was equally unprofessional. Disappointing service with no results! She did not clean up my eyebrows properly and left unwanted strands on my face. Plus she looked grouchy during the entire service. Bad!! 3rd review - Late '09. Outlet was at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Review on hair treatment which i paid about 200plus? But with no results (again!) The guy who did my hair said it would last for at least a mth...sadly, it only lasted like 2 weeks! My hair still felt dry and stiff and totally a waste of money on these Jean Yip services!! **Maybe I got unlucky and got the wrong ppl for the services..but why are the products not effective at all? Never again!
  3. Sylvia says
    2 rating
    I went for a trial session at Jean Yip. It was a nightmare. They were hard selling and I end up paying like over $300 for a treatment. Before the treatment started, I make myself extremely clearly to the girl that I am not interested to sign up for packages. Even though I have made myself clear why I dont like to sign up for packages, she still insist and keep on talking. When I told her that it is already 10pm, I woukld liek to settle for the payment asap and I desperately needed to go to the toilet and would like to head for the toilet. But that was turn upon deaf ears. She held on tightly to my credit card and told m to come back after the trip to the toilet!!!! She didn't even care and was just trying to attain her own personal goal, by getting me to sign for the pacakge. She even tried crying infront of me and the prices that she was promoting keeps getting cheaper and cheaper. It really question me ... Is that how Jean Yip train their staff? Is that how they are told to sell the package? Are they told to hold back customers' credit card? Do they over priced their package?? CASE should look into this company.
  4. Kathleen says
    25 rating
    i did waxing over there @vivocity for a quick 10mins and it was horrendous. i expected quality service for armpit waxing that cost about roughly 23bucks in total including gst. the china lady did not do a clean job and did not clean up by adding a touch of oil to smoothen and to remove residue of the wax. no tea was served as well. tsk tsk!
  5. Joey says
    60 rating
    I sign up with jean yip liao .... Went for my 1st facial 2 weeks ago However, I find that my skin is reddened with marks left from the extraction after a few days leh .... does it happen to you girls?