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Beauty Express International

Beauty Express International was established in 1988 and is one of Singapore’s leading beauty service providers of skincare and body treatments. Its success hinges on its continued emphasis on quality products and professional services since its establishment. Keeping up with technological advances requires not only substantial funds but heartfelt dedication, commitment and customers’ satisfaction. Its facilities are first grade and the wide array of sophisticated equipment used, are what current technology can offer.

Beauty Express understands the significance of beauty and is devoted in helping women from all walks of life rediscover their self-confidence and natural beauty through its specially formulated total body care beauty regime.

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  1. J says
    90 rating
    Avoid this place if you haven't sign up with them and thinking of doing so! They take your money and do not let you make appointments, claiming they're full! The lady boss herself is not ethical and teaches her staff to tell lies. 1) I'm told that they are busy and full, even though I try to make the appointment more than one month in advance! They are trying to avoid me & not let me make any appointments with them for my package. 2) The lady boss told me I do not have any package left with them when I've only used up about half of my package.
  2. SOS says
    13 rating
    Worst massage & scrub in the world I eva had....therapist just put scrub on me, covered me with towel, after cleansing, place the same towel with scrub residue back on me....massage was worst didnt even feel like a massage as therapist only had a year experience. Place is doom for closure...dun waste ur time if u dun wanna spoil ur whole day like me.
  3. rita says
    10 rating
    First impression was itself horrible.. Calling for months to get apt but every time full. Regret buying the promo card. Plus they can tell me they give priority to members..than why sell out cards.. Bullshit place. Not worth a penny. I rather go body contours or kose facial.. Nicer ppl service n treatment excellent
  4. danielle says
    95 rating
    this is one of the best salon i've try.they talk to me in friendly manner and all r very helpful.i will consider if i want to sign for flexi, i havent try mani or pedi yet.just d acu sliming.
  5. Meow says
    90 rating
    i signed up a flexi package of 100 sessions through a bank promo. The package price is reasonable for any choice of mani, pedi, facial and massage. As compared to other salon i've been, my experience so far was good.
  6. beautyqueen says
    90 rating
    this is one of the worst salon i have ever been to - extremely pushy, lousy skills by the chinese nationals, expensive, and no friendly touch at all!! worst of all, i got acne outbreak after my treatment! very angry!!!!
  7. serene says
    18 rating
    too ex and not really effective - not worth the penny!
  8. Shirlene says
    62 rating
    So-so : i tried their facial. Hmmm the lady extraction is very very gentle. Not sure is it good i think have to try a few times and see.The lady did not extract the few pimples on my neck. End up at night when i looked at the mirror, itchy hand and try to squeeze them now my neck have 5 super red and big scars