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De Beaute Face Skin

Established in September 2001, De Beaute aims to provide Beauty and Wellness services and solutions to pamper the modern women of today. Its services are all designed and tailored for all women of all levels of professionalism, so as to assist all customers in achieving the body they deserve, in the most effective and efficient manner.

Within less than 3 years of operations, they already have four operating outlets located out at various parts of Singapore. The team behind De Beaute is all experienced Beauty Professional who hold International Beauty Certifications and had global exposures in countries such as United States of America, Spain and Hong Kong.

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  1. tay says
    2 rating
    Went to the main brach at singapore shopping center. Had bought package from them 3-4 yr ago and still having the packages. Usually need to wait for more than 30 min before you are actually served. 10 min waiting at the main area, another10 min at the waiting area at the basement1 and another 10 min at the treatment room. They have alot of foreign talents as staff. I usu do not choose a fixed therapist So that it is more flexible for my last min booking. What I dislike is that the facial always ended with another therapist who helped the remove the mask off my face. Sometimes, it will be a non therapist( customer service officer) who helped to remove the mask. This is a half f**k service.. :( As I do not use a fixed therapist, I realized that they all do not follow the same procedures for the facial. I actually have to remind my hubby to remind his therapist on the rights which he is entitled to. Or else u will likely be short changed. The staff also talked very loudly and it sort of affect my rest in my treatment room. The products effect are so -so. The price is about $50-$75 per facial. Dun bother to trial so that u won't be hard sell by them.
  2. chris says
    90 rating
    De Beaute at Roxy. My mother booked a facial session for me from her package. The consultant and the beautician tried to tag-team to get me to sign another new package under my name. They keep interrupting my whole facial session. They even brought in 2 machines asking me to try. When the deal did not go through, they called my mother the next day telling her that they used 2 machines during my facial session for me to try, therefore it should be counted as 2 session instead of 1. I called them up and asked for clarification, the manager of the Roxy branch started to tell me that she did that because she did not not exactly what happened. That is so unethical and unprofessional. When they were trying to sell me a package, it is just for me to try. When they did not get what they want, they count the session by the number of machines they pushed into the room. This is De Beaute. This is the way they “take care” of their clients.
  3. LH says
    35 rating
    The 1 star given was for the masseuse effort. 2nd star is just for the location. Prior to signing the package, they promise and assure you of lots of thing. After signing, its a different story. Difficult to get an appointment. consultants are all pretentious and not sincere at all. Always not puncture and you end up having to wait 15 - 30mins before you are attended.
  4. SHARON says
    43 rating
    Tried their couple srub and massage and dont feel relax and comfortable at all.
  5. Jeanne says
    90 rating
    nowadays only get to see malaysian in this kind of service line. I really dislike them. Poor service plus can't pronounce the ingredient of the skin kind products.
  6. Jeanne says
    90 rating
    *skin care products* Sorry
  7. Chunting says
    20 rating
    De Beaute service is sis went there before.mostly malaysian and they dun even know how to serve u..just psycho u and ask u to buy this n that