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In 1996, Mathilda Koh found Bioskin with the first outlet at The Adelphi. Prior to setting up Bioskin, Mathilda was an air stewardess who had to fly constantly, which resulted in a host of skin problems. After successfully solving her skin problems, she quit flying and found Bioskin, to bring her remarkable skin solutions to others. In May 2005, it has become one of the biggest face and spa outlets in a retail mall. Only the Wheelock Place outlet has full spa facilities and customized spa treatments as well as manicure and pedicure services for individual customers’ needs.

User Reviews

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  1. irene says
    14 rating
    i definitely wont recommend this to anyone . i heard from one of my friend she used to work there and she told me that they use expired products but they just pour the expired products to the new btl with new dates . Also the amp is not real amp . it is a big btl and then they just pump out a bit and tap it on ur face . everytime the stock arrive , the amp will always be different colours and smell and texture.
  2. Carrie says
    56 rating
    The place is a bit far from my house. But the treatment was worth it.
  3. Shaling says
    78 rating
    I’ve done few sessions with Bioskin . I bought the package of Bio Gold Deluxe Face Treatment, and it’s gooooooood, my skin became very smooth !!!!!!