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The Ultimate Wellness Haven

Since opening its doors in October 2005, The Ultimate Wellness Haven has been creating much hype in the wellness industry. Whether you are looking for cosmopolitan glamour, laidback resort appeal or an authentic Asian spa experience, The Ultimate presents spa aficionados with the ultimate in spa luxury. Following the success of The Ultimate in Shaw Centre and Civil Service Club in Bukit Batok, The Management of The Ultimate has added a new jewel to their crown with the opening of The Ultimate Transit Haven.

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  1. Candice says
    21 rating
    Been to the one in Bukit Batok CSC for massage and facial but I didn't really like it. These are the few reasons: (a) no one there introduces their name = rude. (b) The place seemed so high class but making an appointment with them can be quite a challenge when they still use hard copy schedule book and do not leverage on any software. Not surprising that they forgot that I have an appointment with them the other day! (c) I signed up packages for over $5000 in a month but was being push to purchase more. When I declined nicely, the sales personnel gave me a face when I left! Hello! I don't print $! (d) I must add, the facial is not too bad and the products calms and hydrant my skin. However, the massage is not as good as I have expected. Tried the same massage & scurb by diff massuer. One scrub my boobs the other didn't. No consistency? Plus, as my appointment at 8pm is usually the last due to my busy schedule, these massuers do rush to complete the massage so that they can go home early. I mean if you wanna rush, at least complete the task. Even if my eyes are covered, I can feel that you scrub my right leg thorough but scrub the left hapharzardly! Suggest that the ultimate go try the tea tree spa at holiday inn Batam and see for yourself what is great service and standard. I am disappointment. Will try to finish my packages asap.
  2. whiskey says
    50 rating
    it seems like it's quite hard to book an appointment with them, esp for weekends. I called on wed to book for sun but it was already full. this is probably because their opening hours are pretty short for weekends. I sort of regret signing up for their package. their massage is good though, that i can't deny.
  3. nurazee says
    90 rating
    went to bukit batok for the spa sessions,the front desk people is so friendly and the massage was excellent..the couple rooms is so fully equip with the facilities...gals should try there
  4. Georgina says
    77 rating
    The before and after-sales service was good, a number of facilities there and the massages were great!
  5. Trinity says
    75 rating
    I love the whole environment at their Bukit Batok outlet. The couple room was complete with jacuzzi and bath... makes my massage with my hubby a great experience