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  1. Jazmyn says
    90 rating
    Very professional and polite therapist. Non pushy sales staff. Very enjoyable facial experience will definitely consider signing up for the course if my budget permits.:)
  2. LIESEL says
    92 rating
    I had a wonderful experience with the luminous facial. It was 90 minutes of relaxation. I have very sensitive skin, and the treatment was very mild and natural. My skin feels soft and supple after the treatment!!
  3. yanping says
    85 rating
    i feel the therapist are very friendly and best of all they are not pushy. :) their service is good, worth a try.
  4. Eva says
    87 rating
    Amazing service! I did the Pore Refining Facial and absolutely loved the whole procedure, especially the results! Nice glowing skin afterwards!! I can only recommend Vedure!!
  5. evelyn says
    99 rating
    Friendly and skilled therapist. nice to have a little snack and tea after the treatment, haha. So smooth when I touched my skin next morning. No wonder they got a lot of awards.
  6. Faith says
    94 rating
    I really liked the spa and found the service there to be really good and professional!