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About the Salon

Lynn Aesthetic

With 24 years of experience under its belt, Lynn Aesthetic understands the significance of keeping up with beauty treatment technologies.  Notably, it is one of the pioneers in the beauty industry to use the Intense Pulse Light (I2PL). With constant growth in mind, Lynn Aesthetic continues to move forward by introducing innovative new treatments.

Beyond the physical, Lynn Aesthetic is dedicated to enhancing one's holistic well-being. They are convienienly located at Hougang Kovan, Jurong East and Bugis Village.


  • Hougang Branch, Block 211 Hougang St 21 #01-317 Singapore 530211

Editor's Review

The therapist was very amiable, professional and notably agile in carrying out the I2PL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment , Radio Frequency Treatment and Herbal Navel Candle massage. The ambience was perfectly soothing and very relaxing to the senses, with a delightful scent of herbal essential oils and soothing music. All in all, it was a very relaxing experience!

90 Editor's Rate

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Radio Frequency Treatment

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Linda's skin problems

  • Open skin pores
  • Tired Skin

As a sales consultant, Linda is always on the go. Her active lifestyle and hectic work schedule left her with large, open pores and tired skin. Her therapist suggested a Radio Frequency Treatment to minimize her pores and boost her skin's elasticity. Radio Frequency Treatment instantly firms and lifts facial skin through its emission of Bio-thermal Energy.


  1. Skin Cleansing

    Linda's therapist thoroughly cleansed her skin before beginning the Radio Frequency Treatment.

  2. Toner

    Her therapist used a toner to remove the last traces of make-up and to restore her skin's ph balance.

  3. Application of Radio Frequency Cream

    Linda's therapist applied Radio Frequency Cream so that the treatment can easily permeate the skin.

  4. Radio Frequency Machine

    A radio frequency machine was applied on her face in circular strokes to boost her skin's elasticity and slow down the ageing process.

  5. Application of Mask

    A customized mask was applied to soothe and cool down the skin.

  6. Application of Serum

    Linda's therapist helped apply serum to build up collagen synthesis.

After the Treatment...

After the Radio Frequency Treatment, the texture of my face is smoother and my pores are finer.

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Herbal Navel Candling

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Julia's body problems

  • Bloatedness
  • Indigestion

Julia, a mother of two has to deal with a very busy schedule. Daily stress has brought on occasional bloating and indigestion. Her therapist suggested Herbal Navel Candling, which has anti-"wind" properties, to reduce bloating and to improve her general health condition.


  1. Thai Herbal Abdomen Bag

    A Thai herbal abdomen bag with anti-"wind" properties, was placed to provide warmth and to ease the abdomen.

  2. Lymphatic Drainage Tummy Massage

    A lymphatic drainage tummy massage with the use of natural ginger massage oil helped ease fluid retention.

  3. Tummy Candling

    Tummy candling on the navel with lymphatic drainage tummy massage helps reduce cellulite, promotes good digestion and improves overall health.

  4. Hot Mask

    A hot mask was applied to improve blood circulation and to detoxify.

  5. Round-Up Massage

    A final lymphatic massage rounded up the treatment, completing the detoxification process.

After the Treatment...

At the end of the therapy I noticed some red marks on my tummy, which my therapist informed, was a result of my blood circulating very quickly -- a common side-effect. I did feel invigorated and maybe even a bit slimmer after that.

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I2PL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

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Julia's skin problems

  • Freckles
  • Pigmentations
  • Uneven skin tone

Julia, a busy tutor, sports fanatic and a mother of two juggles an irregular schedule. Her hectic lifestyle led to the appearance of freckles, skin pigmentation, occasional bloating and indigestion. Her therapist recommended an I2PL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment to even out her complexion.


  1. Double Cleanse

    The therapist removed her make-up and meticulously cleansed her face.

  2. Toner

    A toner was applied to remove the last traces of make-up and to restore the skin's ph balance.

  3. Application of Cold Gel

    The therapist applied cold gel to soothe and calm her skin.

  4. Use of Intense Pulsed Light

    The therapist used the IPL machine on Julia's face to target pigmentation lesions, without harming the surrounding healthy skin.

  5. Soothing Mask

    The cool, soothing mask helped soften the skin's texture.

  6. Apply Serum

    Finally, a whitening serum was applied to the face to complete the anti-ageing and hydrating effect.

After the Treatment...

My skin looked fairer and more radiant right after the mask. I was surprised at how clear my complexion looked without any makeup on at all! I have done IPL on my face before at other places, but I feel that the results I got here are the most significant I've seen.

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Beauty Tips

A regular monthly body massage is essential for the full rejuvenation of our digestive system, lymphatic system and nervous system. In addition, regular sessions of body massage will enchance the results of facial and slimming therapy.

User Reviews

91 Average Rating

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  1. Jenny says
    90 rating
    The consultant is very professional and friendly. Did not feel any pushy tactics from Ameila(Bugis branch). I find the therapist Jenny very firm n strong in her hand massage and I love it. Signed up for the package hee hee...
  2. Judy says
    90 rating
    I love the homely ambience and the soothing touch of the therapist. Therapist there are very sincere and caring, definitely a good place to relax and re-energise
  3. Judy says
    90 rating
    Tried the signature massage bio-e at the Hougang branch, very unique and at the end of the massage the therapist skillfully purge "air" out from the womb. Can't believe it is possible... Fantastic feeling
  4. Dai says
    88 rating
    The consultant is very professional and the therapist is very kind, I enjoy my skin science treatment.
  5. princess says
    90 rating
    love their services to max!!!! A nice experience!!
  6. A says
    90 rating
    I love their HLS Facial !!! especially the shen qi mask!!! The facial is absolutely AMAZING...I mean it can do so many things. Can reduces fine lines and wrinkles, can reduce eyebags, can hydrate skin, brightens up complexion, firms up the loose facial skin. This is a wonderful facial ah! One of my absolute favourites! And their beautician is so friendly and gentle. Their facial treatment are so special that come with shoulder, hand and foot massage. After the treatment you feel so relax, and comfortable. MUST TRY. Mrs Choo
  7. Young girl says
    95 rating
    I had try their aroma body massage at their Bugis outlet.I love it very much...their therapists are friendly n good skill.I felt relax after the treatment
  8. sincere says
    95 rating
    I like their customised service v much!