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Aramsa - The Garden Spa

Founded on the belief that Nature is the greatest healer, Aramsa - The Garden Spa infuses universal natural remedies with botanical extracts from the earth and the sea.

Holistically immersed within the lush greenery of a national park, Aramsa Spa has 17 uniquely designed treatment rooms, each presenting an eclectic mix of contemporary design and seamless spaces in harmony with the garden ambience.

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  1. Merlinda says
    6 rating
    Used to be a regular customer with this Spa till something really unpleasant happened. Glad to find this site to make sure that consumers will not be bought into the gimmicky marketing and publicity of this particular Spa. Booked a few appointments till the last recent one in November 22 when my bag was found in another locker instead of the allocated locker given to me. Management especially the Operations Manager is very reluctant to admit their mistakes and even came to the point to the push the blame to the ME who is the guest who had to go through the inconveniences of cancelling all credit cards through the banks. Also made a police report due to the fact that my ID information might be compromised because of the suspect of theft due to their super lax security concern. Even the CCTV footage they provided were not on time and is 30mins later then the actual time. All in all, no matter how great their offers are, be very careful with the operations manager as she had also taken off my feedback regarding this issue from their face book and blocked my fb account because she is trying to cover up this security issue that is of a great concern and afraid that it will affect their image. NOW, what do you think of a Spa which will not allow feedback on their face book but blocked and deleted if it's not to their advantage? So, as an intelligent consumer, make your choice. Not trying to flame the OM, but she is seriously irritating as she is not able to appease me but to really irate me to the point till I just cannot be bothered to give her anymore information as she is obviously clueless over what is happening all this while regarding their SECURITY system in the Spa. Very very disappointing and upset , be careful if you want to try their services if you dun mind going through the hassle and being upset after the extremely unpleasant episode.
  2. Merlinda says
    4 rating
    Forget to add on, if you want to really de-stress, forget it. Dun feel more stressed as it took one whole week for me to close this issue and also it's only when I proactively seek a resolution with their CEO Jazreel Low. Thought that it will make a difference when I wrote to her regarding this issue. In the end, still no sincere apology was given but instead the operations manager kept saying that I am the one who kicked up a big fuss and I am just appalled that she could say something like that when she could not even justify why my belongings can be shifted so easily by another person so EASILY. All in all, security concern is not addressed, no point talking about the services by the therapists because the management did not even know that their own security officer was the one who told me that people can come in and out of their Spa randomly and they do not do security checks resulting in the losses of valuables such as rolexs and diamonds in their Spa. And hence the recent change to the combination lock system which I think is useless because their front counter staff were not trained (too many foreign talents) and for the rates they charge, no point at all. Stay away from this Spa at all costs. U can always find a better one at a lower pricing which I had encountered in Singapore.
  3. Jacqueline says
    77 rating
    if you want natural and relaxing place, i would recommend aramsa