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Body Wellness

Wellness. Rejuvenation. Serenity. Life's simplest pleasures take on new meaning in the soothing surrounds of Body Wellness. Body Wellness is committed to revitalise your body and reawaken your spirit through a holistic approach towards health and beauty.

Body Wellness believes that the body, mind and spirit are connected and that every client is unique. Custom-made programs incorporating massages, body treatments and facials are complemented by a deluxe range of spa products to restore optimum health and balance.

At Body Wellness, the atmosphere is sensual yet refined, elegant yet nurturing – a true healing respite from the stresses of daily life.

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  1. Luv says
    12 rating
    Body Wellness you won't want to try this spa if you have the chance. i was a customer to them since 5years back and i am working overseas. I told them many times don't call me for appointment and i always need top answer a long distance call to reject them. THEY ALWAYS hard sell their packages to me when i still have 50% of it left. they do not greet customer when walked in to spa. do not care when customer came out from massages/facial. i HAVE to ask them for a tea or water. THE WORST EVER SPA i ever signed!!!!!!!!!!! Body Wellness (Winsland House)
  2. Nerissa says
    2 rating
    I've signed packages with them in the past. the salesgal told me i could go for anything of the massages listed in the menu but insisted on listing a few massages that I mentioned i would like to try in the agreement. I had my choices of different massages initially until there is some changes to their management. I was not allowed certain massages after that as they said it was mentioned in my agreement i could only go for a specific few massages. they totally ignore the fact that I wasn't restricted to specific massages right from the beginning. thank you so much for educating me to be careful and not allow salesgal to put in my agreemenet just whatever they want to write coz i felt cheated? anyway by then ive only a few sessions left and cant be bothered to argue with them... and they still have the cheek to pester me to sign on to new packages every time i go for their massages! on my last session there the salesgal can even tell me 'if you dont sign new package today we will close of your file' as if i care! OMG ever experienced such service before?
  3. Jacqueline says
    71 rating
    typical relaxing spa. nothing out of the ordinary, really.