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CITISPA was conceptualized as a one-stop service provider that reconnects your body, mind and soul. It is built on the firm belief that beauty emanates from within and is a reflection of the state of health and well-being. It is not a luxury reserved for the privileged-few, but a life choice that should be made easily available to all.

This is reflected in the CITISPA commitment to offer the newest products and services at the best value. You can choose from more than 80 types of spa, skin, body and beauty treatments offered, as well as specialty products to cater to your top-to-toe needs. CITISPA members also have unlimited access to various spa facilities for convenient stress and weight management.

User Reviews

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  1. Carrie says
    42 rating
    The place is a bit crammed and too small. Treatments are ok. Not really exceptional
  2. tay says
    2 rating
    I wanted to find a saloon near my place and went to try the Citispa at Yew Tee Pt. I tried to find some review on them as well. Most review were negative, but decided to give a try anyway. The saloon is rather small and there is no toilet attached. you will have to use the shopping centre's toilet. I tried their $18 whitening facial which claimed to of value $200+ ( using credit card promotion). In my opinion, it is very lousy. So far none of the facial i been to is of such poor service and product. The beautician was unsure of many steps and the mask is just like any mask I buy from counter, or even worse. After the facial, the receptionist still say my face is "glowing". But her face shows that she is lying. She asked me to try the $38 facial instead and tell me that it is of better product. I did not bother to stay long... not interested at all. Definitely not worth the time (dun even mention whether I need to pay for the service) . I will never go back to Citispa!