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About the Salon

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Porcelain The Face Spa

Recently rebranded, Porcelain The Face Spa has been in the business of providing effective skin treatments for the past 17 years. The brand was conceptualized as a provider of premium skin care solutions with a firm belief that beauty can belong to anyone who desires it. Over the years, they have helped hundreds of men and women achieve safe, effective and long-term treatment for their skin problems.

Porcelain The Face Spa is a sweet surprise in the middle of a busy, bustling street. Providing retreat and solace unlike any other, Porcelain The Face Spa stands out above the bevy of Singapore spas and salons.

If you want an honest, excellent service that is definitely a notch above the rest, this is the perfect place to go.


  • Main Branch, 15 Cantonment Road, Singapore 089739
    Mon to Fri: 11am to 9pm
    Sat: 9:30am to 8pm

Editor's Review

  • Porcelain The Face Spa interior photo
  • Porcelain The Face Spa interior photo
  • Porcelain The Face Spa interior photo

Editor's Review:

Two thumbs up! This is a highly-recommended, must try salon. Porcelain The Face Spa offers one of the best services I've seen in a long time. The ambience is so cosy and relaxing, it immediately puts you at ease. Their staff are better than best, offering good skin advice and honest assessments.

Doing away with overstatements and pretense, it offers downright above-par service and exceptional results. You surely will NOT regret trying out their treatments. I can personally vouch for the results. You simply have got to visit Porcelain The Face Spa.

90 Editor's Rate

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Audrey's concerns:

  • Dark eye circles
  • Eyebags

With her busy and active lifestyle, a shut-eye has become almost a luxury for Audrey. Because of this, she has visible dark eye circles and eye bags that are unbecoming for her age. To remedy this, her therapist suggested the Revital-Eyes. This treatment is targeted to counteract the effects of aging or fatigue around the eyes. Using the finest Gold treatment ampoules and products, you can immediately see a noticeable reduction in puffiness, dark circles and fine lines in just one session.


  1. Double Cleanse

    The therapist applies a Milky Cleanser to effectively remove traces of make-up. She then follows it up with a Herbal Cleanser, which is most suitable for Audrey’s combination skin.

  2. Exfoliation

    Mild Aloe Vera Peeling Gel is gently massaged on the face to exfoliate dead skin cells around the eye area.

  3. Skin Analysis

    The therapist carefully analyzes the skin to accurately determine the exact problems Audrey faces, such as milia seeds, moderate eye bags & dark circles and fine lines.

  4. Extraction

    Precision Extraction will be performed to extract oil bumps, oil clots and milia seeds around the eye area. It is a special procedure which is very difficult to perform and will only be executed by Porelain's Director Aesthetician.

  5. Eye Massage

    An Oxygenated Eye Gel is massaged around the eye area. Different massage techniques will be applied for different eye problems.

  6. Golden Eye Mask with LED Light

    A Golden Eye Mask that uses nano-technology is applied. You can see the Gold dusts that are embedded into the mask.

  7. LED Light

    LED light is used to enhance collagen production and stimulate blood circulation. Different settings will be used to counteract different eye problems.
    (This step is only available with $12 top-up)

  8. Relaxing Massage

    A final, gentle massage is applied to allow the Gold dust & other nutrients from products to fully. penetrate the skin.

After the Treatment...

I love the eye massage! It is indeed very good and very relaxing. It clearly reduced my eyebags and dark eye circles in just one session. It worked perfectly for me.

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Signature Deep Cleanse Pore Refining Facial

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Elizabeth's concern:

  • Dry, dull skin

Just like more than half the female population, Elizabeth also occasionally suffers from dull, dry skin. As her skin needs to be refreshed and revitalized, the therapist suggested the Signature Deep Cleanse Pore Refining Facial. Based on her skin type, suitable products were selected to best meet her skin care needs. This purifying treatment incorporates deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation, extractions and custom blended mask using selected serums and ampoules. It is designed to leave skin looking healthier and more radiant.


  1. Double Cleanse

    Aloe Moisture Cleanser is applied to remove all traces of make up on Elizabeth's face.

  2. Exfoliation

    A mixture of Herbal Cleanser & De-pigmentation Micro Scrub is then used to exfoliate dead skin cells.

  3. Oxygen Milky Cleanser

    A generous amount of Oxygen Cleansing Milk is applied to increase oxygen level in cells and to prep the skin up for the treatment.

  4. Skin Analysis

    The therapist analyzes the skin to identify skin problems and to explain the salon treatment that is about to be performed for Elizabeth's peace of mind.

  5. Extraction

    This involves an intensive deep pore cleansing (remove blackheads) using careful precision extraction techniques (approximately 30-45mins) by the highly-skilled Director Therapist, with instant visible minimized pores.

  6. Toning

    Intensive Soothing Toner is applied to calm the skin and tighten pores.

  7. Custom Blended Treatment Serums & Ampoules

    Blend of up to 4 types of nutrients as prescribed by Director Therapist for maximum effectiveness. For Elizabeth, it was serums for hydration, sebum control, lifting and anti-aging.

  8. Ultrasonic

    The blend of up to 4 types of nutrients penetrate the skin through the use of the Ultrasonic machine.

  9. Custom Blended Treatment Mask

    A blend of up to 5 kinds of masks is used to achieve the desired skin result. In Elizabeth’s case, they used Whitening, Pore Refining, Ani-Sensitive & Collagen treatment masks.

  10. Repair

    An Application Active Repair Gel is applied to stabilize the skin and improve its immunity.

  11. Sunscreen

    Oil & Paraben-Free Tinted UV Protector is applied to deliver a matte radiance and to prevent skin from premature aging

After the Treatment...

My face is now beaming with radiance. I love the treatment as my face is more lucent and supple even with just one session. This is definitely a facial treatment worth trying.

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Get Your Sexy Back Luxx

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Karen's concern:

Karen is a bit concerned about keeping her back baby-smooth. This is in preparation for an upcoming event which requires her to wear a bold backless number.

Porcelain knows that back acne and blemishes are very common to most women. Hence, they unveiled the Get Your Sexy Back Luxx treatment which aims to effectively address women's back concerns.

The result? A silky smooth back sans the blemishes and impurities. You will surely love to flaunt it.


  1. Milky Cleanse

    A generous amount of Milky Cleanser is applied to effectively cleanse the first layer of impurities.

  2. Double Cleanse

    A cleanser will be selected based on her skin type & skin problem to cleanse deeper into the pores of the skin.

  3. Exfoliation

    A suitable scrub will be used to remove dead skin cells and gently clear clogged pores, thereby revealing a fairer and smoother skin.

  4. Skin Analysis

    The therapist will proceed with a careful analysis of the client’s skin condition and ensure they understand the problems and treatments.

  5. Serums & Ampoules

    A concoction of serums & ampoules will be specially blended for each customer to target specific problems.

  6. LED Therapy

    Different variation of LED light will be administered to effectively counteract the skin problem. Effects range from Acne reduction, Collagen & Elastin production boost, reducing sensitivity etc.

  7. Soothe Mist Toner

    Throughout the duration of the LED therapy, Porcelain’s Soothe Mist Toner will be sprayed intermittently to provide hydration and vitamins.

  8. Customized Mask

    A luxurious customized mask will be generously applied to the skin to aid treatment. Effects range from soothing, hydration, whitening, anti-acne, anti-sensitive, anti-aging etc.

  9. Moisture Protectant

    A special moisture protectant made consisting of natural Aloe Vera and Amino Acids or Botanicals will be applied to lock in the moisture and further boost skin’s natural resilience.

After the Treatment...

I absolutely love the treatment. It was very good and very relaxing.

I even fell asleep in the midst of the treatment. Every step was executed very well. The therapist was kind enough to inform me what steps she will do next. I was assured that I was in good hands. After the treatment, my back was noticeably cleaner and smoother. Immediately after it, I was so rejuvenated. It is so well worth your time and money.

I would recommend this to all the ladies out there. Many people may have neglected their back and I think that it is great to care for our backs once in a while. Porcelain did a very good job.

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Beauty Tips

Avoid using cream-based products in Singapore, look for Gel-based substitutes instead.

Using products unsuitable for your skin damages it much more from the inside, than not using at all. Always consult your therapist when purchasing products.

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User Reviews

95 Average Rating

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  1. lydia says
    90 rating
    hi all im jus another girl with the usual breakouts.. itchy fingers.. leave scars behind.. use concealer to hide em'.. dun bother abt my eyes.. nv hrd of toner.. until one day i looked at myself in da mirror n cant take it animore.. i look so dull n lifeless without mk up hence i decided to do hw on facials i wan good i wan affordable i wan RESULTS hw i chose porcelain, i forgot alr. aunty jenny says it FATE hehe.. n bein a sucker for romance, i love what she say abt "yuan fen" i have jus signed a package wif em yup the 2.8k one but.. it includes EVERYTHING it took mi jus one trial to give them n myself a chance for a skin REVIVAL. i'll use this website as my honest testimonial to porcelain.. as i believe and haf hope in em! =) i
  2. Angeline says
    80 rating
    Had my Signature Pore Refining facial and the extraction was good and clean. Still i could see some red bumps on my face but i reckon it will be gone away completely by tomorrow. I dont enjoy the peel-off removal (before the extraction). It reminded me of waxing :) My face is sensitive and i had burning feeling and itchy red sensation. There isnt a shoulder or neck cleansing as well. It be good if there is a shoulder massage thrown in.
  3. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)
    Hi Angeline, Thank you for your review. The "peel off removal" is necessary for certain skin problems, but you do not have to worry, it is suitable for sensitive skin too. The sensation you experienced is common because of the active ingredients. For the neck & shoulder massage, we do not include it in the trials because we focus our time on the treatment, because ultimately that is what customers are paying for. They want to see results, and most of our customers prefer us spending more time on their face to treat the problems. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to be of service to you in future. :)
  4. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)
    Hi Angeline, thank you for your feedback. Am glad you liked the extraction, do not have to worry about the red bumps, they will be gone very shortly. The peel-off removal procedure is actually necessary for certain skin problems. It is suitable for sensitive skin as well and please don't worry, the burning sensation is due to the active ingredients. For the massages, we understand some customers would prefer that to be part of the facial. However, at Porcelain, we focus highly on Skin Treatments, and during the trial sessions, we actually emphasize and spend alot more time on the treatment. Each Facial actually last around 2 hours, and we really do not have the time to thrown in a massage for trial facials. We did a survey actually, and most of our customers prefer longer treatments over having a massage because ultimately, that is what they are paying for. We will take your review into consideration nevertheless. :) We thank you for your understanding and look forward to be of service to you in future.
  5. Angel says
    99 rating
    Love their treatments! Great people there who knows what they are doing. My skin looks a little red after the facial but it has never felt cleaner. I would highly recommend this salon!
  6. Jane says
    98 rating
    Extremely professional staff, homely ambience and great facials. Very honest folks there, it is the first salon that did not want to sell me some products because they said I don't need it yet. Tried a couple of other salons prior to Porcelain and it is by far the best in terms of treatment and overall experience. Like what the editor said, I also feel that Porcelain is really one of the best facial salons around.
  7. Natalie says
    100 rating
    My skin became extremely oily after returning from studying in NY. I can't live without the blotter. Tried their Facial & Eye Treatment and it was incredible. Fantastic service here at Porcelain, with very dedicated folks who knows what they are doing. Treatments are effective, basically, you get results & you can feel/see your skin improve drastically. Great experience overall and like the others who commented before me, I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a good & effective facial salon.
  8. Emma says
    100 rating
    Saw raving reviews on them on Cozycot, Flowerpod & Honeycombers, so I decided to give them a try! I've been having on-off breakouts & congested skin since I moved here. The facial @ Porcelain is incredible. Jenny spent 3.5 hrs on my facial to make sure my skin is thoroughly cleansed. I also tried the Eye & Neck Treatment loved it. Bought a package for all 3 treatments. Fantastic service & excellent skills. Highly Recommended!
  9. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)
    Hi Emma, Thank you so much for the feedback! We greatly appreciate it and see you next week! :)
  10. Cadence says
    90 rating
    Had pigmentation problems due to sun-overexposure for a while and also hypersensitive skin. The therapist was extremely professional and I'm very impressed by the level of skill she has. She extracted the white bumps around my eye area. For my face, she very confidently performed treatments which, in my opinion, was very effective for my freckles. 5-star service & ambience for a great price!
  11. Liv says
    100 rating
    I tried their facial after seeing them on Facebook. Used to have really bad skin, acne and blackheads on my cheeks & forehead & chin. Now its only my 4th session & my skin improved ALOT. Improved so much better I don't put make up anymore & I'm very grateful. Auntie Jenny, the therapist, is really very nice & understanding. Also brought my mom to try the neck treatment and she really love it. They are very very good. If you got skin problem, this is the place to try.
  12. Carrie says
    99 rating
    I am quite hesitant to try facials as there are some who spas whose therapists only pretend they know how to do it But I am very glad I tried Porcelain! Their facial was great, it made me feel relaxed and made my face glow. I would recommend this to ladies who are very picky with their treatments. It is really worth the try.
  13. Cecilia says
    89 rating
    I always think that cleansing is the most important to the skin. So, I tried their "Signature Deep Cleanse Pore Refining Facial" they took time and cleansed my skin thoroughly, I felt my skin was so much clearer than before. I want to get this treatment one in a while.