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  1. Rainie says
    99 rating
  2. Hazel says
    90 rating
    I felt that the therapist was experienced and knew my problems areas without me having to tell her! She had a pleasant attitude and extensive knowledge, even giving me good advice on how to ease my aches and pains. She respected my privacy and made me feel pampered! After the massage, I was treated to a delightful mix of flora tea. After this experience, I would definately go back again!
  3. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)
    Thanks Hazel, Hope to see u again soon.
  4. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)
    thank you
  5. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)
  6. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)
    Best Regards, Jeslin Tan Consultant 9738 9125 www.icompare.sg
  7. Lees says
    90 rating
    I tried FPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment. No much pain but the light is really scary. I was told that i would feel more adjusted after 1 to 2 treatments. The good news is that my pore size significantly reduced. Some of my fleckles turned dark and swellon. Really able to see immediately results. Will recommand for all. Their service is also great. Will try their facial also.
  8. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)
    Thanks Lees. Hope to see you again soon.
  9. Hayzel says
    90 rating
    When I reach one beauty spa, all the staff provide very good service for me....~So comfortable as home feel which can make me forget all the stress at all! Must introduce for my best friend!
  10. admin says
    1970-01 (Thursday)