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About the Salon

Indulgence Beauty

Indulgence Beauty

Our salon specialises in providing excellent service in skin care, beauty and clinical treatments. With our state of the art MD Dermatics Skin Care Product and technologies we treated many different skin conditions and imperfections , we are passionate on restoring you to optimum skin health that standard beauty salons just can not achieve. With our extensive knowledge and experience in skin health, coupled with the latest advancements in skin science puts you in the very best of hands and our results speak for themselves.

Our personalized beauty services are designed to be relaxing, enjoyable and make everyone feel completely at ease whilst providing a high level of premier service.

Whilst skin care is a major component of our business, we also specialise in all other facets of beauty clinical treatments, including waxing, eye brow beautification, and body massage , and most importantly, all at affordable prices.

Journey to beautiful skin begins here.


  • Main Branch, Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-34 Singapore 082001

Editor's Review

  • Indulgence Beauty interior photo
  • Indulgence Beauty interior photo
  • Indulgence Beauty interior photo

Editor's Review:

The tacit simplicity and cleanliness of Indulgence Beauty's atmosphere astounds you. It guarantees that all their procedures take into account the highest level of sanitation. Their uber-pristine treatment rooms, albeit somehow of limited space, exude warmth and cosiness.

The same is true for their service quality. Their therapists are very friendly and warm, offering tea and tasty muffins for the relaxation-seeking spa-goers. From their welcoming smiles, down to their skillfully-conducted treatments, you are sure to get genuine, high-quality service.

Their Acne Correction Treatment is a must-try. Using a specially formulated charcoal mask, we were witness to how smooth the skin became after the treatment.

92 Editor's Rate

Featured Deals' User Reports

Indulgence Back Therapy

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Because of the nature of her work which requires her to lug around her laptop, Janet has complained about mild to severe back aches. Her therapist suggests the Indulgence Back Therapy to ease back tension and improve Janet's blood circulation.


  1. Cleanse

    A special formula of MD Dermatics C-Cleanse is used to first clean the body prior the massage to enhance the relaxation of the body.

  2. Warm Towel

    Her back is wiped with a comfortable warm towel after cleansing.

  3. Rose Mist

    A scented rose mist is applied for balancing moist effect.

  4. Scrub

    Janet's back is thoroughly scrubbed with calming lavender scrub to remove dead skin cells.

  5. RF Cream

    Application of RF Ginseng Cream is used for easy gliding and prevent the skin from dehyration.

  6. Radiofrequency

    RF releases back tension as well as improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

  7. Back Massage

    A relaxing back massage eases back pains and tension while removing toxins.

  8. Paraffin Mask

    A paraffin mask is applied onto Janet's back to retain heat and add moisture to the skin.

  9. Wrap

    The paraffin is wrapped to maintain warmth and comfort for the back relaxing.

After the Treatment...

I enjoyed the treatment tremendously as it was absolutely relaxing. I badly needed a luxurious treatment such as that after a tough week. After the treatment, I felt rejuvenated, my tense muscle felt loosened and I feel re-energized.

My friends and colleagues ought to try this. I would definitely recommend it.

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PURE Hyaluronic® Collagen Treatment

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Taking good care of the skin is a luxury only a few can enjoy. Joanne, as a busy individual, is not exactly that lucky. Because of this, she noticed that her skin has become dull and dry.

To address this, her therapist suggested the PURE Hyaluronic® Collagen Treatment to restore the skin's suppleness and elasticity.


  1. Remove Makeup

    Eye and lip make up is thoroughly removed.

  2. Double Cleanse

    Double cleansing is done with MD Dermatics Cleansing Lotion.

  3. Scrub

    Jojoba scrub exfoliates dead skin cells and creates a smoother layer.

  4. Steamer and Extraction

    After adding in steam, the extraction process is done by hands.

  5. Eye Brow Trimming

    Eye brows are trimmed for a cleaner appearance.

  6. Hyaluronic Essence

    Hyaluronic essence is applied for deep hydration.

  7. Ultra-sonic Roller

    Ultra-sonic roller allows for better penetration of the hydrating gel.

  8. Facial Massage

    The facial massage improves circulation and relaxes facial muscles.

  9. Jade Ball Facial Massage

    The Jade ball facial massage helps tone the face and firm up the skin.

  10. Pure Hyaluronic Collagen Mask

    This pure hyaluronic collagen mask helps to hold & retain moisture and also promote healing & regeneration process.

  11. Shoulder & Hand massage

    A shoulder and hand massage eases stress and aids in further relaxation.

  12. Head massage

    A head massage is great for reducing stress.

  13. Sun Block

    MD Dermatics SPF 36 sun block is applied to protect the skin from sun damage.

After the Treatment...

Immediately after the treatment, I felt that my face was deeply hydrated and squeaky clean! The facial effectively addressed my skin dryness, visible blackheads and whiteheads and other impurities.

Of course, I would recommend all my friends to try out this facial. It is unlike any other facial I have tried before!

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Acne Correction Treatment

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Tze Khit is concerned about his acne break outs, congested and sensitive skin which is caused by dehydration. He wants to reduce his facial sebum with hopes that this can minimise or completely eradicate his break outs.

His therapist suggested the Acne Correction Treatment.


  1. Cleanse

    His face is cleansed with MD Dermatics C-Cleanser. It allows for deep cleansing without over drying.

  2. Toner

    MD Dermatics Pore Refiner to keeps clogged pores free from sebum and grime.

  3. Peel

    A three-action gentle peel is applied to brighten skin and soften skin cells.

  4. Wipe Peel

    Using a circular motion, the peel is wiped off to remove dead skin cells and make it ready for extraction.

  5. Hot Towel

    Hot towel further softens skin to make it ready for extraction.

  6. Extraction by hands

    Extraction by hands gently pushes out the blackheads and whiteheads without leaving marks and scars.

  7. Cold Massage

    Cold massager on the face helps calm and soothe the skin post-extraction.

  8. Charcoal Mask

    This must-try charcoal mask is great for purifying and detoxifying the skin. It also has a cooling effect.

After the Treatment...

I would like to commend the therapist as she was very professional throughout the treatment. The entire process was very relaxing and comfortable. I even fell asleep at some point.

I like the treatment as it decreased oil on my face and reduced acne inflammation. I have tried this treatment before here in Indulgence Beauty and the oil-controlling effects laster up to 3 weeks.

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Beauty Tips

Cleansing is very important and should be done on a regular basis. Often dirt and grime tends to accumulate due to the harsh environmental factors on the skin making it dull and lifeless in the course of time. Dirt and sweat also cause acnes and blackheads which make our skin look ugly.

Do not scrub or exfoliate too hard. Be gentle on your skin and it will smile with health.

Use sunscreen protection to guard yourself from the damaging UV radiations when you venture out in the sun.

Indulgence Beauty

User Reviews

93 Average Rating

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  1. Jingxuan says
    90 rating
    Tried the Hyaluronic collagen treatment. It was really relaxing and the extraction method was good. I think no where else has such painless extraction. The collagen mask was very cooling and i fell asleep.
  2. paulina says
    94 rating
    tried the acne treatment, therapist mandy is really really nice! she offer to bring me up initially when i dint know hw to go to the place. all the steps in the facial is done with care and certainly 2 thumbs up. extraction was really thorough, cold massager and the charcoal mask was really soothing to my sensitive and oily skin (buy dehydrated on e outside). even her shoulder massage is totally heavenly it makes u fell asleep. my whole facial lasted abt 2 hours and my face felt smoother and less clogged right after e facial.. but the package price is a lil steep and out of e budget for me as i'm still a student if nt i wld definitely get it.. one of the best therapist i'v came across:)
  3. Carrie says
    100 rating
    I tried the treatment myself and it was superb. I had a nice, quiet relaxation time at the spa. The extraction was the best one I've had in years since my face was not red at all after the treatment and it was not painful, even just a bit. I especially like how the mask feels rich on my face.
  4. Kristy says
    85 rating
    the service and friendliness of the staff are so impressive. i would highly suggest the hyaluronic treatment as it gives great skin after treatment
  5. Arlene says
    90 rating
    the place is very accessible cause its near my office so i can just go there during lunch hours. no redness afterwards and face feels so refreshed. highly recommended
  6. Cindy says
    94 rating
    The consultants are so pretty and friendly, they really helped me to address to my skin's issues and I look forward to my next facial treatment! Their charcoal treatment is a must-try! REALLY.