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About the Salon

Vedure MediBoutique and NailSpa

Vedure MediBoutique and NailSpa

At Vedure MediBoutique and NailSpa, you get to experience the latest in anti-aging methodologies and innovative therapies within their aristocratic sanctuary. Their luxurious, private treatment rooms, lounge bar and exceptional personal consultants offer a refuge that's unlike any other. Vedure's award-winning combination therapies are complemented by their highly-skilled nurturing therapists that elevate you to a state of relaxation while delivering results that are way beyond the traditional treatments. Their stringent hygiene standards ensure that their client's overall well-being is not compromised.

At Vedure, you will look and feel your best, knowing that only high-quality products from reputable brands are used on your skin. They help you create the most beautiful you as they soothe and help relax your mind, body and soul.

Vedure MediBoutique and NailSpa is conveniently located in the heart of Orchard Road, at Wheelock Place.

Editor's Review

  • Vedure interior photo
  • Vedure interior photo
  • Vedure interior photo

Editor's Review:

I have always found Vedure fascinating. Their treatments, their facility and their equipment are of the highest quality. While waiting for your turn, you can lounge around at the bar, watch a movie, indulge in a cup of tea or leaf through magazines. Their staff are genuinely friendly and polite. Ask them anything about a treatment and they would willingly give you a pleasant reply. For most people, a spa's location is a big issue. With Vedure, you won't have to worry much about that as they are located right at Wheelock Place – at the heart of Orchard Road. Visit Vedure and be amazed at their wide spectrum of services.

98 Editor's Rate

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  • Manicure/Pedicure

Melissa loves getting her nails done. She claims that is one of the things that never fails to perk up her day. She found the ideal relaxing spa which offers great nail arts at Vedure. For this session, Melissa opts for the Minx Nail Art.


  1. Shaping the nails

    Her nails are shaped to perfection.

  2. Soak the hands to soften cuticles

    Softening the cuticles makes it easier to remove.

  3. Cleaning

    The nails are cleaned to restore their healthy shine.

  4. Remove Cuticles

    Cuticles are removed to reveal well-polished nails.

  5. Buff Nails

    The nails are buffed for a healthier look.

  6. Brown Sugar Scrub

    To soften the hands and forearms, her consultant uses brown sugar scrub.

  7. Skin Softening Lotion

    A skin softening lotion completes the pampering experience

  8. Select Nail Design

    Melissa gets to select the Minx Nail Art design for her nails.

  9. Preparing the Minx Stickers

    The Minx Stickers are heated for better adhesion.

  10. Stick Minx to Nails

    The Minx Nail Stickers are attached to her nails.

  11. Filing off excess Minx

    To achieve the perfect look, excelss Minx Nail Stickers are filed off.

  12. The Result

    Beautifully Minxed Nails!

  13. Clean Toenails

    Melissa's toenails are cleaned the same was as that of a classic pedi.

  14. Buff

    Her toenails are buffed to a healthy sheen.

  15. Remove Cuticles and Shape

    Cuticles are removed and her nails are shaped according to her preference.

  16. Callus Remover

    Feet calluses are removed in the process.

  17. Trimming of Callus

    Calluses are trimmed to reveal healthier skin.

  18. Exfoliation

    Dead skin are removed, and so are calluses.

  19. Brown Sugar Scrub

    To keep her feet soft and smooth, brown sugar scrub is used.

  20. Toenail Sticker of Choice

    Melissa selects the Minx Nail Sticker that catches her fancy.

  21. Preparing the Minx sticker

    The Minx Stickers are heated for better adhesion.

  22. Stick Minx onto toenails

    The Minx Nail Stickers are attached to her toenails.

  23. Trimming Excess Stickers

    Excess Minx Nail Stickers are trimmed.

  24. Smoothening the Nails

    For smoother edges, the Minx Nail Stickers are filed off.

  25. The Result

    Stunning toenails!

  26. Product Photo

    Some of their most popular nail art designs.

  27. The Result

    Retro-coloured Nail Art

  28. The Result

    Heart- shaped Nail Art

After the Treatment...

I'm very impressed that they have strict hygiene standards to prevent spreading of nail infections.

Also the atmosphere and lovely view at Vedure NailSpa creates the perfect pampering place for me. But what really stands out is the experienced nail techs and amazing nail designs! I really really love my nails!

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Facial Treatment

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  • Facial Treatment

As an actress, Tara's schedule can get crazy. She has to work really long hours and tends to get up at unearthly hours. Despite all these, she has to look her best all the time. Knowing how very little time she has to care for her skin, having a good facial each month and having someone to care for her skin is exactly what she needs to maintain her glow.


  1. Remove Make-up

    Since Tara barely wears make-up, the process was quick and easy.

  2. Cleanse

    Her consultant cleanses her skin thoroughly to ensure that all dirt is removed.

  3. Warm Steam

    Warm steam opens up her pores, preparing it for extraction.

  4. Extraction

    Her consultant removes her whiteheads, blackheads and other skin impurities.

  5. Cooling Gel

    To soothe her skin after the extraction, her consultant applies a cooling gel.

  6. Cool Massager

    A cool massager relaxes and soothes the skin.

  7. Facial Massage

    The facial massage is great for toning the facial muscles.

  8. Collagen Mask

    A collagen mask is applied to revitalize Tara's skin and replenish lost moisture.

  9. Shoulder Massage

    A relaxing shoulder massage induces relaxation and eases stress.

  10. Toner

    The toner restores her skin's natural pH levels.

  11. Moisturiser

    Moisturiser is added for hyrdation.

  12. Sunblock

    Finally, to protect her skin from the harmful UV rays, sunblock is patted generously all over her face.

After the Treatment...

This was the most professional facial i've ever had! My skin is glowing and i love my new look. i can't wait for my next session!

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  1. TAN says
    37 rating
    I made an appointment for the pore refining facial n went to the branch at Marina Bay Sands. It was an hour facial although the webpage stated approximately 75mins. The therapist asked me for the voucher when I am inside the room but I don't remember seeing any icon to say 'print'. So the nice therapist said nevermind she will do it for me first. When I came out from the room after the facial, a Malay staff asked me for the voucher. She said actually they must have the voucher before they can proceed to do the facial for me. She keep emphasizing about the voucher and blaming me for not having the voucher. So I asked them to check with the wheellock staffs about this icompare thing. After she put down the phone, she asked me to proceed to the cashier counter. She just talk to the cashier n ignored me. No Sorry, No Thank You when I am leaving. I am definitely NOT going back again.
  2. Cara says
    75 rating
    Treatment was pretty good, and I actually fell asleep during extraction (I'm pretty sensitive to pain hence if I can fall asleep, you can imagine that the therapist was pretty skilled at what she was doing!) Overall, it was a pretty good experience, will certainly go back again