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About the Salon

Wenz Beauty Care

Wenz Beauty Care

Wenz Beauty Care specializes in face artistry services such as eyebrow embroidery, eyeliners and lip enhancement services. Founded by Ms. Wenz Zhang in 2005, Wenz now expanded its range to provide the following services:

  1. Wenz Brows & Lips.
    With more than 20 years experience in face artistry, Wenz has accumulated a wealth of hundreds of eyebrows and lips design which suits most individual. Every pair of eyebrows or lip is customarily designed as each individual's face is unique.
  2. Wenz Facial.
    Wenz offers comprehensive facial services ranging from face lift, whitening, anti-acne, natural peeling, eye care and anti-ageing using high quality products and cutting-edge equipment.
  3. Wenz Slimming
    Slimming porgrammes from East and West can be found in Wenz. From the East, we collaborate with Chinese Medical University of Beijing to bring in their '5 elements' slimming programme. From the West, we offer slimming using wrapping, RF and other technology combining the diet regime.
  4. Wenz Wellness
    Our very unique Thailand Herbal Steam combines with Lymphatic drainage help you improving blood circulation and detox. You can have this treatment while having our facial treatment.

Editor's Review

  • Wenz interior photo
  • Wenz interior photo
  • Wenz interior photo

Editor's Review:

In the heart of Chinatown, there lies a sanctuary which provides a solution to most of your beauty needs. Wenz Beauty is indeed a sanctuary, with its serene atmosphere and quiet treatment rooms. They offer a wide range of treatment to enhance your appearance. They offers full range of facial services to suit to the different skin needs , which is essential for every woman. Their Wenz Signature Brows was amazing. I got to witness how skilled the consultant was in defining the client's brows. The end result was amazing! For women who want a more defined, structured and natural-looking eyebrows, Wenz is the perfect solution for you.

95 Editor's Rate

Featured Deals' User Reports

Eyebrow Embroidery

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Siok Foong's Concerns

Siok Foong has lots of problems about her eyebrows. For one, her right eyebrows is higher than the left, her eyebrows seem patchy and thin especially at the ends.


  1. Identify Problem

    Identify the issues of the client's eyebrows by 'measuring' the height of eyebrows, density of hair grown and if eyebrows shapes are 'complete'.

  2. Trim

    Trim the eyebrows and start designing the eyebrow shapes which suit the customer's face. The customers will be consulted if they like it before embroidery begins.

  3. Anaesthetic Cream

    Anaesthetic cream will be applied on the treatment area for about 15 minutes.

  4. Eyebrow Embroidery

    The embroidery takes about 10 to 15 minutes using a special tool called 'micropen'. The pigment will be infused into the epidermal level.

  5. Result:

    The embroidered hairs look very natural.

  6. Result:

    The brows' ends which was very sparse is now 'planted' with eyebrows and look complete.

  7. Result:

    It is natural and does not look like one had just had her eyebrows embroidered!

  8. Result:

    A very satisfied customer.

After the Treatment...

I always felt my eyebrows were too sparse and the shape was not well defined. I have been wanting to have it done but I could not find someone whom I could trust or the price was too expensive. A friend introduced me to Wenz and after the consultation, I have full confidence in her that she could do the job. During the treatment, I hardly feel any pain and the duration was surprisingly short. When I opened my eyes, I was totally delighted by what I saw, it looks so natural, real and no swelling and redness. Wenz has exceeded my expectation!

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Caviar Anti-Aging

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Vivian's Concerns

Vivian has dry and rough skin, with fine lines and dark eye circles. She is also worried about her mottled pigmentation.


  1. Oyster Skin Peel

    This skin peel contains finely-ground oyster shells and the transparent microspheres as the exfoliant granulate. Surplus skin cells are removed to prepare the skin for better absorbtion in subsequent treatments.

  2. Skin Moisturising

    Highly-concentrated active substances embedded in rich spring sea water supply the skin with vital mineral and trace elements, to moisturise it intensively.

  3. Infuser

    Using an infuser, the essence is introducesd to epidermis to stimulate the skin regeneration process.

  4. Skin Radiance

    Caviar Concentrate which acts intensively to combat skin fatigue and boost the skin renewal, lending the skin new energy and looks more radiant.

  5. Caviar Extract

    Caviar extract is infused into the skin

  6. Neck

    Neck is as important as our face, so the same treatment is also applied on the neck.

  7. Skin Pleasure

    Massage the head and neck by applying a particularly soft creamwhich literally melt on the skin, this composition of finest jojoba oil, shea butter and an extremely moisturiser covers the skin like silk.

  8. Massage

    The massage has a beneficial and relaxing effect.

  9. Revitalizing Eye Patch

    Concentrated care for combating signs of tiredness around the eyes, with special action for alleviating lines around the eyes and "baggy eyes". The eye contour is is pampered with moisture and refreshed.

  10. Radiant Beauty Mask

    A real "moisutre bath" to round off the treatment ensures lastingeffect and a fresh complexion.

After the Treatment...

I have finished my 5th treatment and I can already feel my skin much firmer and tighter before. My dark eye cricles has gone and the lines almost invisible. The long-bothering pigment has also imrpoved significantly. I also enjoy the added service which include neck and shoulder massage and the herbal steam. I can have it done while having my facial service, so it saves me time. I feel so refresh, inner and outer, after the treatment!

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Beauty Tips

At Wenz, our mission is to provide affordable best-in-class beauty services with:
1. Our team of qualified beauticians. All our beauticians are equipped with recognised certification and customer -focus mindset.
2. Safe and effective products. Customers' safety is Number 1 priority. All treatments and products used must be safe and deliver result.
3. Honesty and Integrity. Beauty is a business of trust and we do not betray our customers' trust in us.

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