1. Spa Trends for 2011

    Spa Trends for 2011This 2011, expect a surge in the spa industry, with the growth of more spa, wellness and beauty aficionados in Singapore and around the world.

  2. Where to Find the Best Spas in Singapore

    Where to Find the Best Spas in SingaporeWith the numerous spas popping up like mushrooms, Singapore could easily be dubbed as a ‘spa country’. There are so many spas offering varied specialties scattered like stardust all over the island. For foreigners, the abundance of spas is also a treat.

  3. Why Go to a Spa?

    Why Go to a Spa?A visit to a spa is similar to stepping onto a different world. Everything feels so calm and relaxed - comforting music, gentle aromas, quiet environment, then, of course, the various comforting spa treatments. In a spa, you get to be treated like a queen (or a king) as you have your nails done or unwind through a massage that is sure to relieve your tensed muscles.

  4. Remove your Stress with the Help of Spa Massage

    Remove your Stress with the Help of Spa MassageA spa massage is an essential tool to aid a person recovers from emotional and physical stress. The gains of massage are indisputable. For one thing, it is known to remedy chronic stress. The pressing, kneading of muscles relieves muscle stress causing a person feel relaxed and revived.

  5. Beat The Blues With Spa Massage

    Beat The Blues With Spa MassageA trip to a spa proves to be a rewarding experiencing for most people especially after getting satisfying and relaxing spa treatments. Top on the list – a spa massage!

  6. Revive The Romance, Visit A Spa

    Revive The Romance, Visit A SpaA spa stopover, even for just a matter of one hour, could do wonders for couples to revive the romance that’s been overshadowed by adult responsibilities.

  7. Spa: What’s up in 2010?

    Spa: What’s up in 2010?It’s given – the spa is a billion-dollar industry and growing. And there’s no stopping it. Sometime in November this year, the International Spa Association (ISPA) released its 2010 Trend Watch report, identifying some interesting craze for spas in 2010:

  8. De-stress and Relax in a Day Spa

    De-stress and Relax in a Day SpaA day spa is an unquestionable haven to those who want to indulge in comforting body treatments and to just simply be away from the chaos of the outside world. Unlike resort spas, you don’t spend the night at day spas.

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