1. Facials in Singapore

    Facials in SingaporeHow do you know when and where to find the right facial treatment? How do you know if the spa you stumbled upon is actually good? You won’t. Unless of course the spa is recommended by friends or families or people whose opinions truly matter. Finding a good spa and chipping off the surface is quite difficult. Some spas use up extremely good websites and alluring copywriting. But how do you really know they are good?

  2. How to Find the Right Facial Cleanser for Oily Skin

    How to Find the Right Facial Cleanser for Oily SkinNot all facial cleansers are made alike. For those with acne-prone and oily skin, finding the right facial cleanser can be a major feat. People with acne prone skin should look for a facial cleaner that can kill bacteria that causes acne without irritating the skin and causing break outs.

  3. Facial Treatments: Which is which?

    Facial Treatments: Which is which?A facial treatment, which comes second to massage as the most widely sought spa services, is a deep-cleansing treatment of the face and neck to help tone, exfoliate, and nourish the skin to make it healthy and glowing.

  4. Get To Know The Different Facials

    Get To Know The Different FacialsGenerally, as implied by the name itself, facial refers to skin treatments for the face. It involves deep cleansing and unclogging of the pores to draw out buried dirt, impurities and excess sebum, skin analysis, exfoliation, blackheads/whiteheads extraction (optional), facial massage, mask application, and application of toner and moisturising cream.

  5. Facial Spa for Acne

    Facial Spa for AcneFor acne-troubled skin, a special care must be given so as not to worsen the skin’s condition. Although it’s not the sole solution, but a facial spa is always a good choice.

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