Facials in Singapore

How do you know when and where to find the right facial treatment?  How do you know if the spa you stumbled upon is actually good?  You won’t.  Unless of course the spa is recommended by friends or families or people whose opinions truly matter.  Finding a good spa and chipping off the surface is quite difficult.  Some spas use up extremely good websites and alluring copywriting.  But how do you really know they are good?

First of all, you need to read reviews.  Read reviews from forums and comparison sites so that you will be sure it is not biased.  The spa that you should look for should excel in these five important qualities: service, ambience, therapists, hygiene and rate.

Service and Therapists.  Make sure that your therapist and consultants are easy to talk to, polite and are consistently nice.  Avoid therapists who are only nice to you when they want to get something out of you – like signing a facial package perhaps.  It is also highly recommended that you stick to one consultant for the duration of your facial package.  This particular consultant knows your needs from the very beginning and is therefore the best one who can recommend what to do with your skin.

Ambience.  The ambience should be cosy and relaxing.  There are other spas that provide you with a great facial, yet you cannot completely enjoy it because the ambience is so irritatingly noisy.  Make sure that the facial is enjoyed to a maximum in a peaceful ambience where you can ease your stress away.

Hygiene.  Need is say more?  Would you even bother entrusting your facial to a spa that is so dirty and filthy?  No, right?  Rate.  Of course you need  a spa which offers a facial with reasonable rate.  You would not want to spend so much on a facial unless it involves an extraordinary mystical voodoo in it, right?